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In addition, in the event that there is a material decrease in shipments of licensed products by one of our. The agreement provides Samsung the ability to terminate certain rights and obligations under the license for the period after but has the potential to provide a license to Samsung for a total of ten years, including Office and research space.

These complaints allege that each of the defendants infringes the same patents with respect to the same products alleged in the complaint filed by InterDigital in USITC Proceeding TA Taken together, these arbitration awards clarified that Pegatron owes us royalties on certain products it produces iddc Apple.

In the field of video delivery, we are developing solutions that optimize the delivery of content to a range of devices based on contextual data, as well as helping to define and develop new compression technologies.

The use of a common pilot channel to synchronize sub-channels in a multiple access environment. On April 22,Nokia filed in the Federal Circuit a petition for a iecc of mandamus to the USITC, requesting the court to order the Commission to address in the remand investigation the non-infringement arguments that the Commission determined Nokia has waived. InterDigital also notified the court that it would not pursue its appeal of the Commission’s determination as it relates to the ‘ patent.

Given these considerations, our Board of Directors may increase or decrease the amount of the dividend at any time and may also decide to vary the timing of or suspend or discontinue the payment of cash dividends in the future. Delays or failure to enter into licensing or other relationships to facilitate technology development efforts or delays or failure to enter into technology licensing agreements to secure integration of additional functionality could impair our ability to introduce into the market portions of our technology and resulting products, cause us to miss critical market windows or impair our ability to remain competitive.

For the fiscal year ended December 31, In the past, certain manufacturers have sought antitrust exemptions to act collectively on a voluntary basis. On January 2,InterDigital and Huawei filed a joint motion to terminate the TA investigation as to the Huawei Respondents on the basis of this confidential settlement agreement between the parties. Duringwe completed the formation of a joint venture with Sony.

The ultimate predecessor company of InterDigital, Inc. The Commission did not rule on any other issue, including FRAND and domestic industry, and stated that all other issues remain under review. The court granted the motion to stay on January 9, Some of our TDMA inventions include or relate to: From a connectivity standpoint, we are creating evolved system architectures that enable operation in small cells and additional frequency bands, improved cell-edge performance as well as device-to-device communications.


Acquisitions or strategic investments may increase our costs, including but not limited to accounting and legal fees, and may not generate financial returns or result in increased adoption or continued use of our technologies.

Industry growth may be affected by the amount of capital required to obtain licenses to use new frequencies, deploy wireless networks to offer voice and data services, expand wireless networks to grow voice and data services udcc obtain new subscribers. Our strategy to diversify our patent-based revenue by pursuing alternative patent licensing arrangements and patent sales may not be successful.

On October 1,the Commission determined not to review the Initial Determination 170 those deadlines, thereby adopting them. We expend significant time and effort identifying users and potential users of our inventions and negotiating license agreements with companies that may be reluctant to take licenses.

Techniques including multi-channel and multi-code mechanisms. We face risks from doing business in international markets. With respect to our technology development activities, we face competition from companies, including in-house development teams at other wireless device companies and semiconductor companies and wireless operators, developing other and similar technologies that are competitive with our solutions that we may market or set forth into the standards-setting arena. With our Iecc 1, adoption of the guidance for accounting for uncertainty in income taxes, certain tax contingencies are recognized when they are determined to be more likely than not to occur.

The table below lists the countries of the headquarters of our licensees and customers and the total revenue derived from each country or region for the periods indicated in thousands: InterDigital continues to assert seven U. In addition, there could be fewer applications for our technology and products than we expect. We intend to pursue, through our InterDigital Solutions unit, the commercialization of technology platforms and solutions.


There can be no assurance that we will continue to have adequate staffing or that our development efforts will ultimately be successful. Based on these findings, the court ordered InterDigital to cease the alleged excessive pricing and alleged improper bundling of InterDigital’s Chinese essential and non-essential patents, and to pay Huawei We invest significant resources in the development of advanced wireless technology and related solutions.

The Commission determined not to review the remaining issues decided in the Initial Determination. On March 27,Nokia filed a motion asking the Federal Circuit to recall its mandate, which the Federal Circuit denied on March 28, Due to the nature of our business, we could be involved in a number of costly litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings to enforce our intellectual property rights.


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Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company. Additional information about our development expenses is provided in the results ixcc operations, under the heading “Operating Expenses,” in Part II, Item 7, of this Form K. Changes in industry standards and needs could adversely affect the development of, and demand for, our technology, rendering our technology currently under development obsolete 102 unmarketable.

The multi-year agreement also resolved all pending litigation between the companies. Pursuant to their agreement, on April 9,InterDigital and Huawei initiated an arbitration with the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce ICC jointly seeking a determination by an arbitral tribunal of FRAND royalty terms and conditions to be included in a binding worldwide patent license agreement to take effect upon issuance of the arbitration award. Additional risks not presently known to us or that we currently deem immaterial may also affect our business.

Further, the ALJ found that the TA Respondents had not shown that they are licensed under the asserted patents. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. Our technology development activities may experience delays, or the markets for our technology solutions may fail to materialize to the extent or at the rate we expect, each of which could reduce our opportunities for technology sales and licensing.

Although our standard license terms give us the 170 to audit books and records of our licensees to verify this information, audits can be expensive, time consuming, incomplete and subject to dispute. In doing this, we generally rely on the positions of the iscc standards-setting organizations in defining the relevant standards. Domestic and foreign antitrust and other regulatory authorities, such as China’s National Development and Reform Commission and Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission, have increased their scrutiny of the use of standards-essential patents in the mobile wireless industry, including the enforcement of such patents against competitors.

For example, we could have a disagreement with a licensee as to the amount of reported sales and royalties.

Most of our patent license agreements are structured on a royalty-bearing basis, while others are structured on a paid-up basis or a combination thereof. You should carefully consider the following information and the other information in this Form K in evaluating our business and prospects and before making an investment decision with respect to our common stock. The warrants will have a dilutive effect to the extent that the market.