STATUTES OF THE EUROPEAN HANDBALL FEDERATION (EHF) EHF Beach Handball YAC EURO Regulations IHF Beach Handball Rules of the Game. Die Philosophie des Beach Handball basiert auf den Prinzipien des Fairplay Bei Regelwidrigkeiten und Unsportlichkeiten, die gemäß den IHF-Regeln (vgl. Kinderhilfsorganisation Plan International ist offizieller nationaler Charity-Partner der IHF Handball-Weltmeisterschaft – WM

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The timekeeper then immediately interrupts the game by sounding an acoustic signal and stops the time. Taking more than three steps at any time is considered travelling, and results in a turnover. Views Read Edit View history.

Inthe Congress of the International Amateur Athletics Federation nominated a committee to draw up international rules for field handball. Earlier, this field player become the designated goalkeeper on the court; and had to wear some vest or bib to be identified as such.

Each line on the court is part of the area it encompasses. Retrieved 3 September International Handball Federation Overview. Actions directed mainly at the opponent and not the ball such as reaching around, holding, pushing, tripping, and jumping into opponent as well as contact from the side, from behind a player or impeding the opponent’s counterattack are all considered illegal and are subject to penalty.

Before that, it was one per half. The goalkeepers may participate habdballregeln the normal play of their teammates. Two teams of seven players six field players plus one goalkeeper take the field and attempt to score points by putting the game ball into the opposing team’s goal. There are many variations in defensive formations. In handling the ball, players are subject to the following restrictions:. The referees are obliged to make their decisions “on the basis of their observations of facts”.

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After the dribble is picked up, the player has the right to another three seconds or three steps. Men’s handball was first played at the Summer Olympics in Berlin as outdoors, and the next time at the Summer Olympics in Munich as indoors, and has been jhf Olympic sport since.

This usually nandballregeln after certain events such as scored goals, off-court balls, turnovers and timeouts. Late 19th century in Denmark. In a penalty shot, throwing the ball against the head of a goalkeeper who is not moving risks a direct disqualification “red card”.

Handball portal Sports portal. Since the world championship in Iceland, the competition has been held every two years. Women’s team handball was added at the Summer Olympics. A prior notification yandballregeln the referees is not necessary. If the suspended player protests further, does not walk straight off the field to the bench, or if the referee deems the tempo deliberately slow, the player can be given handbalrlegeln additional two-minute suspension.

Handball is an Olympic sport played during the Summer Olympics.

Retrieved 2 February handballfegeln Retrieved 28 November The IHF defines 18 hand signals for quick visual communication with players and officials. South Korea and Brazil. Each goal must feature a net. Handball also known as hansballregeln handballfieldball, European handball or Olympic handball [2] is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each six outfield players and a goalkeeper pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team.

The referees also use whistle blows to indicate infractions or to restart the play. Penalties are given to players, in progressive format, for fouls that require more punishment than just a free-throw.

Rules of the Game

The third wave evolves into the normal offensive play when all defenders not only reach the zone, but gain their accustomed positions. A player may dribble as many times as they want though, since passing is faster, it is the preferred method of attackas long as during each dribble the hand contacts only the top of the ball.


After these rules were improved by Karl Schelenz. Any player entering or leaving the play must cross the substitution line which is part of the side line and extends 4.

The IHF also organizes women’s and men’s junior world championships. The International Handball Federation was formed in and, as of [update]has member federations. The goals are two meters high and three meters wide.

News &# Deutscher Handballbund

A red card results in an ejection from the game and a two-minute penalty for the team. This right may only be invoked by team in handbqllregeln possession.

However, not all of the following positions may be occupied depending on the formation or potential suspensions. A standard match for all teams of at least age 16 has two minute halves with a to minute halftime break.

For purpose of calling timeouts, overtime and shootouts are extensions of the second half. They may be substituted by a regular field player if their team elects to use this scheme in order to outnumber the defending players. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Team sportball sport. Similarly, violation of the zone by a defending player is penalized only if they do so in order to gain an advantage in defending. The referees position themselves in such a way that the team players are confined between them.

Players are typically referred to by handbal,regeln positions they are playing.