Il mulino sulla Floss has ratings and reviews. Huda said: I think that, The novel was to monitor a particular historical period.. in terms. Title, Il mulino sulla floss. Volume 36 of Biblioteca di Repubblica: Ottocento. Author, George Eliot. Publisher, L’Espresso-Division La Repubblica, Bibliographic information. QR code for Il mulino sulla Floss. Title, Il mulino sulla Floss Volume 30 of Biblioteca dell’Espresso: I grandi romanzi ยท Volume 30 of I.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But most of the time I was ready to punch every character. Maggie is a very interesting character, strong willed, clever, tragic. It felt like Eliot resorted to a Sul,a ex Machina when there was potential for something much tighter, where the author’s hand was less obvious in resolving floss many crises.

And for that frustrating cop-out on the last page, I hereby give this story 3 stars.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss by Eliot, George

Tom did not deserve to have Maggie as a sister: This was a very up-and-down book for me: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Mill on the Floss 1 6 Nov 23, If her tongue’s in her cheek it doesn’t seem like it, so am I supposed to think THIS is what wretchedness looks like?!

Mary Ann Evans, known by her pen sulal George Eliot, was an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. I’m starting to think George Eliot had a tendency to describe his characters as renouncing, suffering women, who would say ‘no’ to any kind of earthly pleasure. It wasn’t the best ending ever, you know.

The scene where Maggie has a run-in with the gypsies, for example, feels like it could have been by any Victorian hack.

This is Eliot’s second work, and one that, in my opinion, does not compete with Silas Marner, but is rich and interesting in a way that makes this timeless. But then as the story moves forward you find these two intolerable as well. The key incident in the novel, divided into seven “books”, is a family disaster which effectively marks the end of childhood for Tom and Maggie at the start of book 3.


The problem is, I still have Gaskell’s North and South at the shelf, waiting to be read, and I tremble to think I may not enjoy it and it will be another dull reading but I won’t worry myself with t I’ve either caught that hideous virus that has altered my mood for reading, or I’m not in the mood for reading Victorian romances and the like at the moment. But always, ultimately, there are important parts where Eliot is telling me very firmly that she’s given me a certain thing in a character or a relationship or plot development and I feel that she’s given me something else altogether, and that while the character or relationship or plot would work if it was what she was telling me, it doesn’t work because it isn’t what i For me with George Eliot there are always stretches where the reading experience flows nicely and I’m engaged and entertained.

Once we entered the financial downfall of the family, the pacing felt more balanced, and I found Maggie’s return to society a Felt like a disappointing start after reading Middlemarch which is paced so beautifully.

She also considers the Development Theory. I had a love and hate relationship with Maggie.

Il mulino sulla floss – George Eliot – Google Books

It was at this point that I began to enjoy the novel: Her father shunned her, nulino the broken-hearted young dependent to live with a sister until she promised to reexamine her feelings. Eliot hasn’t I’m tempted to say really foul-mouthed things about Tom Tulliver here, but I’ll restrain myself.

I felt like Eliot introduced him a bit late, he was almost coming from nowhere, I didn’t really get to know him well, except through his romantic adventures and how much I disliked how he was through that prism. This review is probably a rambly mess about Maggie and Stephen most of all, but it’s getting rather late, so it explains it.


Il mulino sulla Floss

He stood by Maggie even though he himself was a victim of her impetuous conduct. It is a sad book for much of the time, but never without a feeling of hope and faith, so that it doesn’t feel depre I think I’m getting used to Eliot’s style, and I dont’ mind the philosophical rabbit trails nearly as much. But I would more highly recommend Middlemarch or Silas Marner.

And I won’t waste any time expounding on how disappointing, dreadfully disappointing, the ending is — it’s like it was written late at night in a fit of desperation before an AM term-paper deadline. And maybe there’s too much of that whole unfashionable character-as-a-force-in-destiny thing umlino on in her books. I’ve either caught that hideous virus that has altered my mood for reading, or I’m not in the mood for reading Victorian romances and the like at the moment.

I have never read any George Elliot novels before, and have to confess to coming to this book expecting not to like it much. Plotting covetousness and deliberate contrivance in to compass a selfish end are nowhere abundant in the world of the dramatist.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss

Part of the problem I had with this one was simply the fact that I had a slightly inaccurate expectation of it. I could follow the arguments alright but the never-ending and repetitious internal debates and second-guessing were simply too much.

Catching up on Cl We meet Maggie as a 9-year-old rather headstrong and passionate girl who gets into trouble but is never mean. Maggie is heartbreaking, and her story feels more like a c18 heroine’s than any other Eliot I’ve read — entrapment and misery and misunderstandings, everywhere.