Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft, 4th Edition. Janet Burroway, Florida State University. © | Pearson. Share this page. Janet Burroway offers an introduction to creative writing, covering the four genres : creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry and drama. She investigates a specific. Available in: Paperback. Written by best-selling author Janet Burroway, Imaginative Writing — an introduction to creative writing &mdash.

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For my Intro to Creative Writing course. Go through your work and highlight generalizations in one colour, abstractions in another, cliches in a third. It was alright, but the author included a large amount of short janef and poems that were rather revealing of her political viewpoints. The Book of My Life. Worry about saying things as clearly, precisely, and vividly as you can.

Elementw trivia or quizzes yet. Part of the reason it did that though, was by saying things that were somewhat controversial like “Poetry should be spoken aloud” and “it is impossible to write a good story using only summary.

I didn’t get to burrosay the entirety of this book because some weeks I would have time to delve into the prompts and some weeks I wouldn’t, but it was very helpful and taught me more about creative writing. Replace the others, working toward the specific, the precise, and the concrete.


Imaginative Writing by Janet Burroway

Then we transitioned into Fiction. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

We did jump around but the format was such that we didn’t have to go too linearly. Poetry, at least shorter poems, gave us the chance to finally workshop in class, which means exploring different techniques–such formats included: A Very Short Story.

For sure, aside from the theories this book has offered, what you’ll love the most is the “Try This” section where as a reader and writer you can follow through and try it yourself. The Elements of Craft, 4th Edition. Chapter 7 explores development and revision and serves as a bridge between the craft chapters and the genre chapters—Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry, and Drama.

Peggy Balwin – creative writing class text.

I took so long to read it og I was often inspired into a spurt of writing before bed. The creative work in the book is good as well, and diverse, but I feel more comfortable teaching the work I already know.

Sep 16, Angela rated it really liked it. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. You don’t know the ubrroway, don’t understand the process or the equipment, aren’t clear on the history or the statistics, don’t know the definition.

She is Robert O. I might save some of the prompts for later! Make sure that you begin with a wide sweep and end with a tight focus. Go back later to see if any of these work.


In response to reviewer requests, the preface ‘Invitation to the Elrments has been expanded into a full chapter. Dec 08, Shawney Hilpert rated it really liked it. I’d never imagined doing poetry last, but then I read a passage from the textbook where Burroway says something like this: Jan 15, Tara Calaby rated it liked it Shelves: You’ll enjoy too the thousands of writing prompts for all writing genres.

Table of Contents for: Imaginative writing : the elements of cr

I know I’ll be using it again, and many times, so I can see myself growing to understand the means to her madness and coming back here to change my review and my rating.

Dec 03, Cecilia Hernandez rated it did not like it. This text was the best tool I purchased for a Creative Writing course at our local college. Some of poetry on the other hand is a elemments less maudlin and I found some of the pieces quite clever and slements.

There was always something I loved, even if I disliked a lot of others.