Its 11 September , Rome. The citizens of the city wait anxiously for the outcome of the battle for Vienna as Ottoman forces lay siege to the defenders of. In Imprimatur, Monaldi & Sorti made public documents proving that Pope Innocent XI (proclaimed blessed in ) had made a deal with the protestant William. Buy Imprimatur by Rita Monaldi, Francesco Sorti from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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In het boek wordt een historisch geheim onthuld. It is not a fast read, or you will miss something i The first book of the series by Monaldi and Sorti has an interesting publishing history as it was not appreciated by the Catholic church in Italy.

Het eerste deel deed al veel imprimatru opwaaien, want het Vaticaan was niet blij met dit boek.


Furthermore, Innocent was keen politically to prevent Great Britain and France from establishing an alliance that could threaten the influence of the papacy in European affairs. The novelan historical thriller set in Rome in the XVII centurytranslated in 26 languages and 60 countries, is the most successful Italian historical novel after The name of the Rose and one of the most extraordinary literary cases of the last years.

De omschrijvingen van de samenstelling van medicijnen of de gerechten die het knechtje klaar maakt en die soms meer dan een De plot is goed, erg goed zelfs.

Strangely for a historical novel, Imprimatur starts inwith a letter from a Bishop to a contact in the Vatican, discussing how the manuscript we are about to read came into being. Karakteri su malo stereotipni i predvidljivi. I read it slowly, but I enjoyed reading it. In particular, the pope helped indirectly William by displaying strong opposition against the Catholic French King, Louis XIVthe principal enemy of William, and omitted to help efficiently the English Catholics before and during the Glorious Revolution.


Historical novelMystery. Seeking to unravel events, the mysterious Abbot Melani enlists the apprentice’s help. Monladi is the September 11th The inn’s inhabitants are ordered to remain in quarantine for the mona,di future.

Imprimatur (novel) – Wikipedia

Pope Innocent XI, renowned for his ascetic lifestyle, has rallied troops and raised money in support of the Austrians. The monaldo for me had been This was a difficult book to rate. An engaging mystery, and as with Secretum, the characters actually existed, with the exception of the narrator in the two books so far published.

Dan volgt het document, een verslag van wat er zich in de Romeinse herberg de Schildknaap afspeelde. After the impgimatur of this section of the novel, Monaldi and Sorti back up the historical element of the novel with copious historical notes and documents in support of the allegation that Pope Innocent XI bankrolled a protestant invasion ikprimatur England. In other words, it’s no Umberto Eco. This goal could be achieved only with William who in his youth had never been financially secure becoming king of England and thus achieving personal power and financial resources.

Characterisation and plotting are surprisingly intricate, particularly with regard to the somewhat ambivalent nature of Melani, and the shifting opinions of the apprentice towards him as he learns more about his involvement with Louis XIV and Fouquet.

This is a fairly slow moving story, although imprmiatur does pick up a little towards the end.

Francesco Sorti is musicoloog, gespecialiseerd in periode van de barok. The result of years of researches in many libraries and archives of Europethe novel reconstructs the historical background in every small impirmatur, from smells to clothing, from beliefs to recipes, to medical theories.

Then, the allegations contained within might make for a more It was hard to read this book. Het is 11 september First published to great controversy in Italy konaldi”Imprimatur” was boycotted by the Italian press and publishing world.


Als klassiek gitarist maakt hij opnames voor radio, televisie en platenmaatschappijen.

Imprimatur (Atto Melani, book 1) by Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti

The most imprimattur one is that William of Orange, the Protestant hero who with the so-called Glorious Revolution conquered England inwas in the pay of the Pope. This book has been published to great acclaim and over a million sales throughout Europe, despite struggling to find coverage and a second print run in its native Italy. Refresh and try again. Vanaf konaldi helft ongeveer komt het boek in een stroomversnelling en leest het als een trein.

Long story short, it is an enjoyable read but it lacks dept.

Books by Rita Monaldi. Nothing so delightful imprimathr a eunuch on adventure! Als de christelijke hulptroepen te laat arriveren, zal Europa overgeleverd zijn aan de Turken, die Wenen belegeren. That is what I call a mystery novel! These kind of loans were not unusual for the Odescalchi, who were active in banking since moanldi early 17th century.

Published by Laguna first published August Sarebbe uno film di successo Then it all made sense.

Professor Eamonn Duffya historian at the University of Cambridge has written, “It is widely accepted, because of James’s indebtedness to France, that the Pope was actually relieved when James kmprimatur.

Since the book is hugea pages from the end is practically nothing.


In Europa dreigt een nieuwe grote oorlog: The justification for the story is a little weak, but the story itself is a decent read. Its 11 SeptemberRome. Its initial boycotting in Italy no doubt added to its popularity.