Incada Silk is designed for quality packaging and graphical applications which require outstanding visual impact. A fully coated folding board, Incada Silk is. Incada Silk is a medium gloss 1 sided folding boxboard with a matt reverse that is suitable for Dry Toner printing. It FSC certified and FDA approved too. Carton board – GC1 white back folding boxboard; The European leader in folding boxboard (FBB); Fully coated white back FBB finished to a matt level; Ideal for.

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Iggesund Paperboard announces an upgrade to its flagship product, Invercote. Producer Supplier Representative Other. Visit our website www.

It is used both for high end packaging and in general print. The advantage of a multi-ply construction compared to sulk single ply one is that the different layers can be composed to optimise board characteristics such as stiffness and strength, thus ensuring both productivity in converting operations and good function in the end product. Sjlk European paper and paperboard market is changing and Iggesund Paperboard, maker of Invercote and Incada, is developing and adjusting its distribution in the German market.

One of the many reasons to choose it as a graphic or packaging material has been the high predictability of the end result. It includes everything from the fast delivery of samples to local technical support and an extensive range of knowledge material that enables customers to get the most out of our paperboard. Coating the reverse side means that the whiteness on the reverse has also been adjusted up.

When performing repro for delicate work or if a major part of your production is running on Incada, you may benefit from creating your own dedicated ICC profiles for Incada in your selected process environment.

Zoek producten

Please visit our website www. Over the years it has come to be the quality leader, primarily due to the combination of excellent printing and foil laminating properties together with high sili and an equally high quality consistency.


Recently the company announced it is initiating distribution on the American west coast, and it is also launching new distributor partnerships in several European countries. Adjustments in the prepress operation and the choice of ICC profiles can be done in the same way as for a fully coated fine paper.

Incada Silk Board White SGS COC SRA1 xmm gm Pack Code

Specific fibre incaa are used for the various layers in the construction to optimise performance. It is also strategically positioned close to the Kiel Canal, which allows for many new possibilities in the future.

We are the proud maker of Invercote and Incada. He or she then wants to work with models who have a good reputation. From summer the bestselling paperboard in the Incadz family, Invercote G, will feature a lightly coated reverse side.

We also provide a broad range of service, support and advice. Creasing and embossing can be performed efficiently and with good results. The middle layers consisting of mechanical pulp provides high bulk and stiffness.

With both types of adhesive, initial tack, fibre tear and secure mature bonds can be achieved over a wide range of speeds and conditions of use. Invercote products are not suitable for web-offset or heatset printing. Improved availability in the UK Iggesund Paperboard have in recent months been re-structuring their merchant network in the UK for its solid bleached board brand family Invercote and Incada, its folding box board brand.

New German distribution channel for Incada Silk

Deep and narrow creases can be achieved as well as excellent deep and detailed embossing. The multi-ply construction creates an extra stiffness and makes it possible to fold both paperboards without them cracking. We call this Care by Iggesund.

The benefit of this multi-layered SBB compared to competing single- and dual layer products is the unique possibility of optimiing the surface fibre layers to form an excellent base for coating. Incada can be printed using offset-litho, gravure, flexo, screen and selected digital printing processes. Invercote works well in most digital colour copiers and digital printing presses on the market today.


The goal is to have not only constant lead times but also everything from fast sample service and expert advice to local technical support and transparent raw materials supply. Inks on the market intended for use on fully coated surfaces can be used on the full range of Invercote products with the exception of Invercote Albato, where considerations need to be taken to adjust to the glossy and somewhat closed surface of the product when applying absorption-drying ink types.

This combined with the inherent stability of our chosen manufacturing process ensures a repeatable and predictable performance of the product in converting and use. In Sweden, the company produces the solid bleached board SBB Invercote and at its mill in Cumbria it makes Incada, a folding box board FBB – both with superior environmental properties.

The latter was chosen for its better development possibilities and good long-term owners, who are also willing to invest in high quality. Just turn it on and reload the page. This combined with the inherent stability of our chosen manufacturing process ensures a repeatable and predictable performance of the product for converting and use. Language English My Easyfairs.

Incada products are widely used for book covers, greeting cards, packaging of food, cosmetics, chocolate, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products.