Peter Kahrel’s GREP in InDesign, 3rd edition, a page PDF ebook at the end of a story · Making a character lowercase · Video tutorial on GREP (pre CS3) . A GREP Style is a way to apply a character style to some text inside a paragraph, based on a GREP pattern. GREP, as we’ve discussed, is a. InDesign Secrets provides a list of GREP resources at . string only if it is followed by the specified pattern.

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The end of the regex can, perhaps, be completed with? To change all instances of the font selected in the list, click Change All. You can edit the grouping references in the Change To field to suit your needs. Now I can copy and paste the bracketed part and plus sign and paste that in front of the sign, so the entire code is: Search all text in the currently selected frame, including text in other threaded text frames and overset text.

Type or paste the text you want to find. Newer Post Older Post Home. Vice-versa, you can click Fewer Options to view lesser options. Any Double Quotation Mark.

Using GREP styles in InDesign

The searches for any character. For example, setting Drop Shadow to Grfp includes drop shadow formatting in the search; setting Drop Shadow to Off searches for objects in which drop shadow formatting is turned off; setting Drop Shadow to Ignore leaves drop shadows out of the search.


A query is a defined find-and-change operation. To load a query that was given to you so that it appears in the Query list, copy the query file to the appropriate location:.

Monday, January 18, 3: You can apply XML tags to text you search for. Saturday, January 16, 4: Save the GREP tutoeial as a query if you intend to run it often or share it with someone else.

It was OK only for the last paragraph of a story.

Thursday, June 21, 6: Now say you want to assign a style to all the email addresses within the text. The quick brown fox jumps up and down. To End Of Story.

Tips & Techniques: An InDesign GREP tutorial

You can even replace text with a graphic you copied. In the Preflight dialog box, switch to the Fonts tab and click Find Font.

After you select a search query, you can adjust the settings to fine-tune your search. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the “Change Format” field, and choose the Paragraph Style you created in the “Style Options” category. InDesign offers several preset queries for changing punctuation formats and other useful actions, such as changing telephone number formats.

Enter the search expression manually. Double Right Quotation Mark.


Select one or more font names in the Fonts In Document list. If you specify formatting for your search criteria, info icons appear above the Find What or Change To boxes.

To remove unwanted text, define the text you want to remove in the Find What box and leave the Change To box empty make sure that no formatting is set in this box. So, searching in forward and backward directions helps find text as compared to finding the search again. You can use one of three states for each Effects category: Search using GREP expressions.

In the Find What box, describe what you want to search for:. For example, if you search for any as a whole word, InDesign disregards many. You can use other methods to enter the glyph you want to find tutoriap the Glyph box. See Metacharacters for searching. GREP still drives me nuts.

Using GREP styles in InDesign

For example, you could use these expressions:. Metacharacters represent a character or symbol in InDesign. Instead, you can create a GREP style within the paragraph style which will automatically find and style the text for you.