The bearings developed at Livermore employed cylindrical magnet arrays to sta INDUCTRACK MAGLEV SYSTEM could allow trains to glide across the country. Apr 3, High reliability and lower maintenance and operating costs make magnetic levitation (maglev) technology integral to advancing the nation’s. May 9, By contrast, maglev requires complex and expensive infrastructure Called the Inductrack, the new system is passive in that it uses no.

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The Inductrack: A Home-Grown Maglev System for our Nation

Maglev Trains Trains that fly on air. With Inductrack, the train needs only a source of magoev power to accelerate it to levitating speed, keep it powered, and provide braking.

The amount of power needed depends on the weight of the vehicle and its maximum speed. Electromagnetic cannon A solenoid can be used to fire a small ball.

Because its magnetic fields cancel out above the magnets, there is no worry about magnetic fields affecting passengers’ heart pacemakers. UCRL November 7, FOR the past two decades, prototype magnetically levitated maglev trains cruising at up to kilometers per hour have pointed the way to the future in rail transport.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. In particular, the team is working on a novel laminated track composed of a stack of slotted sheets of copper reinforced by fiber mwglev.

The train will run on auxiliary wheels along rails until it reaches the transition speed, at which point it will begin levitating. The study found that while an Inductrack system would cost more to build than conventional rail systems, it should be less expensive than maglev trains using superconducting coils.

The team incuctrack also includes several engineering firms in the Pittsburgh, Penn. Maglev would offer many advantages as compared to conventional rail systems or inter-city air travel.

askmar – Inductrack

The cart is shown in flight approximately 3 centimeters above the track at approximately Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced in March of that they would be using passive Inductrack systems for their titular Hyperloop.


Inductrack II, which is the design used by indductrack GA urban maglev system, requires half the current to achieve the same induuctrack force per unit area as that required when using the single-sided Inductrack I configuration, without substantially increasing the weight or footprint area of the Halbach arrays.

The code predictions are shown for zero and plus and minus 1. This page was last edited on 22 Januaryat Sam Gurol, General Atomics program manager, notes that GA has worked with Livermore scientists, including Post, for indictrack on a variety of research projects, most of them related to magnetic fusion.

Inductrack – Wikipedia

A capacitor is used to energize the solenoid coil. The track thus creates its own magnetic field which lines up with and repels the permanent magnets, creating the inductracj effect. When the train car is at rest in a stationno levitation occurs, and the car is supported by auxiliary wheels. The permanent magnets are arranged in configurations called Halbach arrays, named after Klaus Halbach, retired Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory physicist.

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Their compelling advantages include high speeds, little friction except aerodynamic drag, low energy consumption, and negligible air and noise pollution. Inducrtack maglev train cars, for example, employ superconducting coils to generate their magnetic field.

Retrieved 11 May The Inductrack maglev system, employing simple arrays of permanent magnets, may offer an economic alternative to existing maglev systems. The new design is simpler and should be lower in cost to manufacture than the litz-wire ladder track.

Even though the electromagnetic drag associated with Inductrack becomes small at high speeds, an auxiliary power source would also be needed to maintain the train’s high speed against aerodynamic drag. In MayGeneral Atomics broke ground on a meter-long Inductrack test track, which will feature both straight and curved sections.


As a Halbach magnet array passes over the loops of wire, the sinusoidal variations in the field induce a voltage in the track coils. Lower noise, lower maintenance, higher efficiency, higher grade and tighter turn capabilities allowing operation on elevated tracks that can accommodate to an urban environment without the need for underground-tunnel operation. While work on the demonstration effort proceeds in San Diego, the Livermore team is optimizing the design of the magnets and the track.

When neodymium—iron—boron permanent magnets are used, levitation is achieved at low speeds. The permanent magnets also ensure fail-safe operation. GA concluded that Inductrack was the levitation approach that best met its needs, based on factors such as simplicity, weight, capital and maintenance costs, and design flexibility.

As long as the train is moving above a few kilometers per hour, a bit faster than walking speed, the car will be levitated by the motion-induced currents and their resulting magnetic field. Higher energy efficiency, safer, less weather-dependent, and would permit in-city departure and arrival.

By adjusting the thickness or the width of the magnets of the lower array relative to the upper array an optimum level of induced levitating current can be achieved for a given levitated weight inudctrack magnet weight. This delays the phase of the current peak so that induced current in the track tends more closely to coincide with the field peaks of the magnet array. Each bar is at right angles to adjacent bars so that magnetic field lines combine to produce a strong field below amglev array and cancel out one another above the array.

The windings are used with a linear synchronous motor to power and brake the train. Application information about Transrapid magnetic.