Inspiration and Incarnation has ratings and 96 reviews. Adam said: To my great surprise, I found myself liking this book very much. Peter Enns was th. John Frame has just posted on his web page a word review of Peter Enns’s Inspiration and Incarnation. I always enjoy reading Frame’s. This study from Peter Enns is an important reconsideration of evangelical perspectives on scriptural authority, particularly in light of recent Old Testament.

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Bible is [merely] a written witness to Christ The first statement does not follow from his evidence. S Lewis in the chapter Scripture from his Reflection on the Psalms.

As for his incarnational analogy, it entices but does not convince. Needless to say, I was disappointed when the author announced in the introduction that he had no intention of defending either, but was simply assuming them.

Recent scholarship has suggested otherwise.

Is there a problem with Biblical writers taking scriptures out of their historical context in order to make theological arguments? Does it not just reflect the ancient world in which it was produced? No trivia or quizzes yet. Israel and the Church — Romans The author proposes to attack what he calls “scriptural docetism”, which fails to properly recognize the human side of Scripture in light of recent external evidence.

Enns has other chapters on the anthropomorphic uses of language about God. Preview — Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns.

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by Peter Enns

There is also discussion of how some of the history recorded in the Old Testament seems biased and one sided, just like the countries around Israel would have written. It seems he proposes that we accept their hermeneutic on its own terms, perhaps recognizing the christotelic character of the OT ourselves but not abandon good exegesis.


I hope he will continue the conversation either in other books or a revision of this book. First, he considers ancient Near Eastern literature that is similar to the Bible.

Inspiration and Incarnation : Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

It is too easily read through the interpretative grid provided by polarised evangelical—liberal positions. It’ll be best to assess the book by considering a set of answers from Enns to three questions: The authors indpiration repeatedly that he believes the Bible is the Word of God.

The OT isn’t perfectly harmonized and often later parts of the OT will interpret and comment on earlier parts in ways that create tension?

It seems to me that people either love it or hate insoiration. The very idea of objective evidence on which the Church’s conviction that Scripture is the Word of God is based vanishes into thin air. This tenth anniversary edition includes a substantive postscript that reflects on the reception of the first edition.

However what is new, disturbingly new, is the claim that Enns makes about this cultural embeddedness.

The framework to approach the OT according to Enns is viewing the canon of books as inspired by God but also having an incarnational element. It was fashionable 70 years ago to play off the supposed parallels between Israelite culture and its use of Leviathan with Babylonian culture and its use of Tiamat. In order to understand the NT, we should understand the hermeneutics of the day, not just the history and language. Description How can an evangelical view of Scripture be reconciled with modern biblical scholarship?

Share on Twitter Tweet. That is, just like the incarnation is wholly God and wholly man at the same time, we must see the Scriptures as wholly written by Inspitation and wholly written by man at the same time. For example, Proverbs A failure in theological method, that of starting from difficulties instead of from dogma.


This book is a good tool in helping people further engage the Old Testament text honestly. Student, University of Chicago. Strangely perhaps, this fact has nothing to do with any of the claims made in the book about the language and literature of the Old Testament, or with what is said about incarnagion relationship between the two Testaments, on enn Enns lavishes a great deal of attention.

Disagreement about Interpreting the Bible NT writers use 2nd temple hermeneutics Enns, faithful to good Christology, suggests an incarnational parallel between the Incarantion of Christ and the “bible. Is the Bible objective? For him, both mainstream evangelicalism and skeptical biblical criticism have been failing to reconcile the incarnafion of inspiration of Scripture with recent biblical scholarship.

The section on Apostolic Hermeneutics alone is worth the price of admission. Enns also embraces a post-modern form of subjectivism in interpreting Scripture. If, however, Christians learn to no longer read the text defensively, they will be brought into new, transformative understandings. If these words sound too complicated for you, just read the book; its an easier read than it sounds: Oct 02, Daniel Crouch rated it really liked it.

Peter Enns – Grand Rapids: Which brings us nicely back around to Enns’s “incarnational” framework: