The average general dentist or prosthodontist in the United States will place about fixed prosthodontic units each year. The revenue from these activities . Interocclusal records. Thomas E.J. Shanahan. x. Thomas E.J. Shanahan. Search for articles by this author., D.D.S..,. Alexander Leff. x. Alexander Leff. A Clinical Evaluation of Materials for Interocclusal Registration in Centric Relation The utilization of interocclusal records is necessary for the mounting of casts.

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Interocclusal record | definition of interocclusal record by Medical dictionary

Improving the quality of fixed prosthodontic services. These parameters are usually fulfilled by using registration bases fitted into wide edentulous spaces or free ends.

After water spray cooling, the records were removed and kept in a humidifier until for reading. Differential accuracy of elastomeric recording materials and associated weight change. Notwithstanding the criticisms, this is still the most often used material in daily clinical practice because of its ease of handling, clinical versatility and low cost 3, Therefore, the method permits the transposition of the results obtained to edentulous cases that require intermaxillary records for mounting in maximum intercuspation when the stability factors are not present, interocflusal in centric relation.

interocclusal record

A review of principles and techniques for making interocclusal records for mounting working casts. Properties of interocclusal registration material. J Indian Prosthodont Soc ;7: Karthikeyan K, Annapurni H.

Compressive strength of interocclusal recording materials. Thus, intermaxillary recording plays an extremely important role in final interocclsal. Savabi O, Nejatidanesh F. A method of recording the interocclusal relationship of the teeth.


Determination of the accuracy of laminated wax interocclusal wafers. As an inclusion criterion, only individuals who had some teeth remaining in the mandibular arch up to premolars were selected, in order to allow manual articulation of the casts by the presence of tripod support and horizontal stability.

From this survey, it has been concluded that the practitioner’s attitude toward the use of interocclusal record materials is found to be deviated from well-acknowledged prosthodontic quality guidelines. A review of principles and techniques for making interocclusal records for mounting working casts. Within the limitations of the present study, the following conclusions can be drawn: Comparison of five interocclusal recording materials.


Principles for selecting interocclusal records for articulation of dentate and partially dentate casts. The precise relation of maxillary and mandibular casts is an essential step in developing accurate occlusion in fixed prosthodontics.

Thus, 6 pairs of reference points were established to perform the vertical measurements Fig. Related to interocclusal record: After setting of the material, the records were removed and stored in sealed plastic bags with no humidity until reading 9. Dawson PE, Arcan M. Trends in selection, usage, and techniques of interocclusal record materials among private dental practitioners: Clinical evaluation of the accuracy of interocclusal recording materials.

After the material jelled, the records were removed Fig. Manipulation technique applied by the dental practitioners Click here to view.

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When an adequate number of opposing teeth and stable intercuspation exist, direct occlusion of the casts is the most accurate method of articulation. Moreover, successful treatment is highly dependent on precise mounting of the casts in the articulator.


J Indian Prosthodont Soc ;5: Properties of interocclusal registration materials. Special care was taken not to change the vertical dimension of occlusion at the moment of interoccusal recording.

Interocclusal records in fixed prosthodontics Saluja BS, Mittal D – Indian J Oral Sci

Evaluation of occlusal contacts in maximum intercuspation using the T-scan system. These results are consistent with those reported by other authors, who stated that elastomers may suffer distortion at the time of cast eecords, due to the compressive force generally exercised to maintain the casts in position 5,11, Indications for Interocclusal Records. Furthermore, the lack of teeth that articulate with their antagonists poses an additional lnterocclusal to recording and increases the need for accurate transfer of the interocclusal relationship and vertical dimension 8.

None, Conflict of Interest: Rolls of 7 wax of uniform thickness were placed on the alveolar margin crest to create space for the alginate under the plate. Br Dent J recrods Condensation silicone is extensively used for interocclusal records Small portions of alginate were placed above and below the resin plate. Int J Prosthodont ;2: Materials Used for Interocclusal Records.