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Create a template interspirf your newsletter and whenever you need to create a new issue, use that template as the basis for each issue. Later in this article I will show you a technique that I use to help me detect words that could trigger spam filters that I may have missed.

Popular email clients such as MS Outlook show a preview of an email when it’s selected in your inbox.

By keeping the look and feel consistent, you help to maintain and strengthen your brand and your image to your subscribers, which again will make it easier to close sales when you need to. The first method of testing I use is to send the newsletter to multiple email accounts with existing spam filters.

I also have a local spam filtering application called No Spam Today! When ever you send emails to people there is tjtorial a chance that the email may not make it to its intended recipient. Here you can decide ijterspire limit your results by contacts that have subscribed before or after a date, even those that subscribed in between particular dates.

It tutogial boost not only our direct sales, but also our credibility and referrals. For example, if you send a newsletter once per month I personally don’t recommend you send out any more than this, unless you’ve got something really interesting to saythen aim to send it out at the same time, on the same day each month. Not doing intespire is illegal in some countries and is an instant sign of spamming.

According to a recent MarketingSherpa. However, if you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, then create or source a product intersire value to your visitors such as an eBook or discount coupon and offer it to them for free when interspide signup for to receive your newsletter. If you type in an entire email such as ‘john emailaddress. Both web pages and emails can contain alot of text and graphics, and this sometimes makes it harder to get your subscribers to perform a certain task, such as clicking on a link to see your special offers.


When that person receives a tutorisl they did not subscribe to, they will assume they have been spammed, and your newsletter and possibly your web server will be reported as spam. The Free Bonus Hook-In. You can use your signature to link back to your website, and even to other products.

Searching only for ‘john’ will result in a list of all email addresses that contain the word ‘john’. This means that you can search for individual contacts, entire domains, email addresses that contain particular words, tuutorial, bounced or active contacts or any combination of these.

When you process bounced emails either manually through the Process Bounced Emails option or scheduled through cron or scheduled tasks you specify the details for that email account. Visit our website at http: By sending myself copies of the newsletter No Spam Today! Trigger curiosity — The best way to improve your open rates is to pique the interest of your contacts.

However, as your contact list grows, it can also be a very beneficial exercise.

Interspire Tutorials Archives – Affex Pro

We’ve actually experimented with this, and received the best results by sending out emails at around pm American Pacific Time on a Wednesday. This means that when a user subscribes to your contact list, they will be sent an email with a link that they must click on to confirm their subscription. Processing your bounced emails will keep a tutoriak of what emails have bounced so that you do not continue to send to these addresses. This is very important because many people can accidentally enter an incorrect email address, or even the email address of someone else on purpose.


A hard bounce is processed as a bounced email right away. To do this you can make use of the filtering options that you are presented with when viewing contacts, sending tutorlal campaigns and setting up your autoresponders.

Filtering tutprial your own Custom Fields When you create your custom fields and gather information about your contacts through use of your subscription forms, modify details forms and importing ihterspire you can then use this information to find particular segments of your contact base. Every newsletter you send out should contain a way for the reader to unsubscribe. Why didn’t my autoresponder send to my contacts?

You might find that for a particular topic there’s a general trend or subject style that resulted in higher open rates. To do this, simply create a series of autoresponders for example, 5 containing unique content.

General Tutorials

This email should contain a special link back to your email marketing program, which will then verify that this visitor did indeed sign ijterspire to your mailing list. Emphasize the benefits — We use this technique for our newsletters. So, if you’re going to include links in your emails, make sure they are interapire, blue and underlined. Instead they are still kept on your contact list but will not be emailed the next time you send your email campaign. Pay attention to your formatting.

Spam assassin is useful because every email that it flags as spam is given a report and a list of why that email was considered spam. For example, every Wednesday at interspure. This may also happen if the contact has not confirmed their email address details but your autoresponder is set to only send to confirmed contacts.