These topics include IPv4 and IPv6 network configuration, managing TCP/IP 1. Oracle Solaris TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Overview) The default is 10 seconds. Oracle Solaris Administration: IP Services Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the . For IPMP configuration tasks, refer to Chapter 31, Administering IPMP (Tasks). Oracle Solaris IPMP involves the following software: You can configure one of the interfaces down to 10 megabits and still place the two interfaces into the.

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The Primary Administrator role includes the Primary Administrator profile. The same non-null character string IPMP group name identifies all interfaces in the group. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Chapter 30 Introducing IPMP (Overview)

Configuring netmasks and default gateway in zones Solaris Due to these restrictions, you must use the ifconfig command to mark any test addresses as deprecated and -failover prior to setting the interface as standby. Because IPv6 soalris addresses are usually not present in a name service, DNS and NIS applications do not use link-local addresses for communication. Internet Key Exchange Reference. After detecting a failure, IPMP begins failover.

The ifconfig status display does not show spaces.

The Primary Administrator role includes ipjp Primary Administrator profile. If a system has multiple interfaces attached to the same link, you can configure IPMP to perform failover if one of the interfaces fails. The attachment of the interface to the IP link is down. Enable Probe-Based Failure Detection. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Link-based failure detection, if supported by the NIC driver Probe-based failure detection, when test addresses are configured Configuratiom of interfaces that were missing at boot time The in.


Specific information about DR in the Sun Cluster environment. Failover can only occur when you have configured more than one interface in the IPMP group. Link-Based Failure Detection Link-based failure detection is always enabled, provided that the interface supports this type of failure detection. In this instance, the test IPv4 address is configured only on the next reboot. These messages are informational in nature and indicate that the IPMP configuration functions correctly. However, when a failure or repair is detected on an interface that is not configured into an IPMP group, no failover or failback occurs.

Note — You need to configure test addresses only if you want to use probe-based failure detection. Solaris 11 Administration Live WebEx. Consult your platform’s documentation for details. You can find specific documentation about DR from the following resources. During IPMP group configuration, in. Probe-Based Failure Detection The in. You use IPMP options of the ifconfig command to create the configuration. An IPMP configuration typically consists of two or more physical interfaces on the same system that are attached to the same IP link.

Any attempt to create this type of configuration will fail. Optional Configure an IPv4 test address on one or more physical interfaces.


Hi, This is very good and simple article. Introductory information about DR and the cfgadm command. Administering Network Interfaces Tasks 7. For more information about target system use in probe-based failure detection, refer to Probe-Based Failure Detection.

Configuring an IPv6 Network Tasks 8. Service Milestones Solaris As another example, suppose you have two megabit Ethernet NICs. Change the default value of one or more of the three parameters. Configure an IP interface into standby mode. For example, a qfe NIC can have four interfaces, qfe0 through qfe3and so on. Configjration existing connections are disrupted.

Modifying IPMP Configurations – System Administration Guide: IP Services

The dummy address was created so that hme0 can still be accessed. Similarly, if you configure as standby an interface that already has data addresses, coonfiguration addresses automatically fail over to another interface in the IPMP group. However, IPMP does impose the following requirements on your network configuration and topology: Probe-based failure detection involves the sending and receiving of ICMP probe messages that use test addresses.

When the repair of a failed interface is detected, network access fails back to the repaired interface, as described in IPMP Failure Detection and Recovery Features.