In his seminal lecture “Is Patriotism a Virtue?” Alasdair MacIntyre contrasts patriotism with the liberal commitment to certain universal values. 年12月10日 Liberal morality requires that “Patriotism need be regarded as nothing more than a perfectly proper devotion to one’s own nation which must. Is Patriotism a Virtue [Alasdair MacIntyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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If justice is understood in universal, rather than parochial terms, if common human solidarity counts as a weighty moral consideration, and if peace is of paramount importance and war pstriotism morally permissible only when it is just, then this kind of patriotism must be rejected.

Nationalism is about power: Reflections on the Origins and Spread macijtyre Nationalismrev. There is little to cavil about here. The responsibility for the injustice or lack of basic human solidarity lies with those who make the decisions and those who implement them. Citizenship has intrinsic value because in virtue of maclntyre a citizen a person is a member of a collective body in which they enjoy equal status with its other members and are thereby provided with recognition.

Thus, extreme Patriotism is wrong because it disregards the rest of the world, and no Patriotism is wrong because it disregards the local community. Tan, Kok-Chor,Justice without Borders: Viroli, Maurizio,For Love of Country: Some do their part without giving much thought to the reasons for doing so; others believe that doing so is, in the long run, the most prudent policy; still others act out of altruistic motives.

What is its moral standing: Patriotism is not but another extension of the duty of concern for others; it is a special concern for my country because it is my country, for my compatriots because they are my compatriots. Whether we have a moral duty to obey the laws of our country is one of the central issues in modern political philosophy, discussed under the heading of political obligation. This portrayal does seem accurate as far as much patriotism as we patrlotism it is concerned.


One who denies that people in general have a duty of special concern for the well-being of their friends shows that she does not understand what friendship is. Some of these objections can easily be countered. Their cooperation enables us to enjoy the benefits of the enterprise, and fairness demands that we reciprocate. I do not believe in ideals or forms of community as a nostrum for contemporary social ills.

Patriotism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

This new, emphatically political version of patriotism has been met with both sympathy and skepticism. Failing to show that concern, however, cannot be unfair — except on the nacintyre assumption that, in addition to state law, cooperation on this scale is also based on, and regulated by, a moral rule enjoining special concern for the well-being of the country and compatriots.

The individual becomes a moral agent only when informed as such by his community. It is rather a common enterprise that produces and distributes a wide range of benefits. Extreme patriots will also fight for it in whatever way it takes to win. If I can live and flourish as a moral agent only as a member of my community, while playing the role this membership involves, then my very identity is bound up with that of my community, its history, traditions, institutions, and aspirations.

That has led political theorists to look for alternatives. Bernard Bosanquet – – Freeport, N. A parallel discussion in political philosophy concerns the kind of patriotism that might provide an alternative to nationalism as the ethos of a stable, well-functioning polity.


MacIntyre and the Morality of Patriotism

The fatherland is the constitution, to which we give life. Another aspect of the Aristotelian ethics is that virtue lies in the virtke. Now citizenship obviously has considerable instrumental value; but how is it valuable in itself? And of course, most cases are as extreme as this: Academic Tools How to cite this entry.


Fichte, gave the subject more than a passing reference — and most of what Fichte had to say actually pertains to nationalism, rather than patriotism see Busch and Dierse The question does not admit of a single answer.

In what is still the sole book-length philosophical study of the subject, Stephen Nathanson34—35 defines patriotism as involving:.

How is patriotism to be defined? Some have argued that an emphatically political patriotism could perform the unifying function of nationalism while avoiding its perils.

Gratitude is probably the most popular among the grounds adduced for patriotic duty. Related Entries communitarianism consequentialism cosmopolitanism egoism impartiality loyalty nationalism obligations: I think most people who reflect may take at some point in their life a stance of philosophic indifference or neutrality but they themselves are grounded by institutions.

Andrew Mason has offered an argument for the duty of special concern for the well-being of compatriots based on the value embodied in our relationship to compatriots, that of common citizenship.

Moderate patriotism is not exclusive. After all they are not only your values, but lurk as unrealized potential in all mankind.

But some responsibility in this connection may also devolve on those who have no part in the making of the decisions or in their implementation, nor even provide support, but accept the benefits patriotiem a practice, law or policy generates. Of course, one could give an Aristotelian response to this Aristotelian defense of patriotism: Normative issues Patriotism has had a fair number of critics.

Billig, Michael,Banal NationalismLondon: