Learn more about ISO and ISO standards and how they help define safety signs. Use of Safety Symbols in conformance with ANSI Z & ISO ANSI Z encourages the use of safety symbols that communicate a comparable. Adhesive Backed Polyester Labels have been designed to comply with ANSI Z & ISO Standards. These Safety Labels are screen printed with UV .

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Design 3684-2 for Product Safety Labels is to provide guidelines for the safety labels on any manufactured product, including industrial equipment that might be found in the workplace, in addition to the standards set by ISO No, print my design as closely as possible to what I see on this page.

Customer shall indemnify and hold SafetySign. International Organization for Standardization website: When using safety symbols to comply with ANSI, the symbol can be black on a white background, other colors may be used, like safety red for fire related symbols, and so on.

Custom ANSI Z & ISO Safety Label C

Ideal for multi-lingual headers. Many times letter size may need to be larger than the values shown on the graphic for a variety of reasons: Recommended Label Placement It is well recognized that in many instances, well designed and properly placed safety labels can increase operator oso maintenance personnel awareness of the inherent hazards isl when working with machinery.

Switch to the Advanced Design Tool. They are as follows: Polyester offers superior chemical, abrasion and temperature resistance to vinyl labels, image is screen printed using UV resistant inks. JavaScript is not enabled. Custom Copy Smaller Copy font Arial. Identification of the hazard Identification of a means to avoid the hazard And the consequences of not avoiding the hazard The order in which the information appears in the message panel is flexible and should be determined by logical factors related to avoiding an injury, such as: Custom Copy Larger Copy font Arial.


One or more passes over with a rag or roller will ensure that the label is completely glued on the surface and will not fall off. Regarding the durability of product safety labels and their replacement, ISO recommends that 384-2 be replaced after the safety message is no longer legible from a safe viewing distance. Help Center Company 3846-2. The label 8364-2 shown to the right is for preview purposes only.

Label needs to be readily visible to the target audience personnel that will be in contact with the hazard Label needs to alert the viewer to the hazard in time to take appropriate action.

Custom ANSI Z535.4 & ISO 3864-2 Safety Label – C5392, Custom ANSI Safety Labels

This includes layouts ixo product safety labels, information about hazard severity panels safety headersand topics such as the replacement of these labels.

C – Multilingual Caution He….

Press the label on after applying it to the surface. Custom Header Copy font Arial. Printed image is sealed between 2 38664-2 of polyester.

These Safety Labels are screen printed with UV inks and over laminated with Clear Polyester to ensure a high degree of chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. When installing labels on equipment we recommend to keep in mind the following criteria: This standard describes how symbols can be displayed with supplemental text, multiple images for more than one potential hazard, and the safe viewing distances of compliant signs and labels.


Ensure the surface to which the label s will be applied on is clean and free of dirt, dust, grease and moisture. This is especially important in regards to 38642- hazardous situations in the workplace and for reacting to emergency situations.

ISO – Graphical Symbols Package

The first element to consider when designing or selecting a product safety label is to determine the likelihood and severity of a potential injury if a person does not follow the instructions isk on the safety label or sign.

The safety symbol should clarify or reinforce the worded message on the label. Signal Word Selection The first element to consider when designing or selecting a product safety label is to determine the likelihood and severity of a potential injury if a person does not follow the instructions contained on the safety label or sign. In addition, we recommend, when formatting the message pane,l to consider the following practices: Scroll down to view material specification and to download our label spec sheet.

To enable legibility under low light, or other poor viewing conditions. Compliance with the ISO standard is important because it means that the use of your signage can be understood around the world, by workers of any language. C – Multilingual Danger Hea…. To improve legibility for persons who have vision problems with small text.