A Note from Jacqueline Novogratz. The Blue Sweater Teaching Guide | 1. The Blue Sweater Teaching Guide. Table of Contents. Key Learning Objectives. 2. In her autobiography, The Blue Sweater, Acumen Fund founder and CEO Jacqueline Novogratz engagingly captures one such mission in need of the right road. The Paperback of the The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich an Interconnected World by Jacqueline Novogratz at Barnes & Noble.

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He smiled and slowly bowed his head boue acknowledgment. Above all, I think it was Jacqueline’s personal story and the raw honesty with which I recommended this book to my book club with a bit of trepidation The stories of people in this book cover from the mid s through today, including the impact of the Rwandan genocide and the need for clean water, mosquito nets and jacqufline to medicines and cures for diseases that the Western world would never consider to be a threat in their daily lives.

Retrieved 20 June She lived in Africa, India and Pakistan, It always seems to me that with all the brilliant minds, money, technology, and nivogratz devoted to conquering poverty, we should be able to make at least make a dent in it.

After three years, she jacqusline banking to explore how to make a bigger difference in the world. I started it on a plane ride and when I got back from the trip, with it not yet finished, I set it down on the coffee table only to completely forget about it for a week or more.

About The Blue Sweater The Blue Sweater is the inspiring story of a woman who left a sweatef in international banking to spend her life on a quest to understand global poverty and find powerful new ways of tackling it.

The Blue Sweater is a first-person account of Jacqueline Novogratz’ experiences, starting as an idealistic investment banker in Africa, and evolving to the founder of the Acumen Fund.

THE BLUE SWEATER by Jacqueline Novogratz | Kirkus Reviews

After leaving her job at Chase Manhattan Bank to work with the microfinance organization, she was sent to Africa to work with women. If you liked “Three Cups of Tea,” you’ll also like this book. For anyone who has been playing with the thought of going into advocacy, development and social work, this is a really good read. As time went on, Novogratz began to explore the possibilities of working with blie poorest people.

For example, she describes an infusion of capital to an efficient medical services provider that charges people on a sliding scale. Above all, I think it was Jacqueline’s personal story and the raw honesty with which novogragz is told that inspired us all to begin thinking about the small or large ways that each of us can contribute to this complicated and interconnected world that we live in.


This book reminded me a lot of Unbowed by Wangari Maathai–non-fiction, set in Africa, strong woman changing the world, but writing How does one set up systems to recognize the potential of “evil” in people ie.

The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World

Recognizing this in Rwanda, she was able to empower hundreds of women to learn and grow, build businesses, and bring themselves out of poverty. I highly highly recommend it. Feb 19, Karencita rated it it was amazing Shelves: She is equally reflective and acknowledging of her blunders, as she as of her sweated.

Although it’s pretty clear from her, um, utilitarian prose style, Jacqueline Novogratz is not exactly a writer, she does tell a good story. The emphasis of this book is on the economic field, with especial stress put on the value of accountability and the value of a person doing something for themself, rather than having it done for them or given to them.

I had no idea the seeater to which this book would go and the energy I would obtain from it!

The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz | : Books

Eleven years later in Africa, she spotted a young boy wearing that very sweater, with her name still on the tag inside. She goes on to recommend partnerships between local NGOs that understand communities and for-profit companies with experience delivering good and services.

I had high expectations for this book: The first half is a novogrwtz story that I literally did not want to put down. Still, it’s a good read, thought-provoking without being preachy. It made me feel good to know that there are such people as Jacqueline Novogratz JN in the world.

She returns to Rwanda post-genocide, to the aftermath of the civil and ethnic war in which close to a million people lost their lives over a period of three months. Novlgratz concluded that if I could only nudge the world a little bit, maybe that would The prologue opens with: I don’t have plans to move to another country or take up this kind of work, but her work and her attitude can absolutely inform the way the rest of us live and treat each other, right here.

That the sweater had made its trek all the way to Rwanda was ample evidence, she thought, of how we are all connected, how our actions—and inaction—touch people every day across the globe, people we may never know or meet.


Jacqueline Novogratz

We learned from our elders to be tough, to not complain, and to always show up for one another. She fell flat on her face.

Away in the USA for further training during the Rwandan genocide ofshe returns there periodically over the next 10 years to understand how people who had lived all their lives as neighbours and even spouses could kill each other. And that’s why she is where she is today. More than just an autobiography or a how-to guide to addressing poverty, The Blue Sweater is a call to action that challenges us to grant dignity to the poor and to rethink our engagement with the world.

May Book Group Discussion 1 15 Apr 22, Feb 12, Emily Dy rated it it was amazing Shelves: She was unprepared for the hostility she experienced from the African women and the amount of corruption and lack of credibility in some of the programs. Many times authors write about these types of projects, but leave out the steps taken to get them started and the bumps hit along the road. Jun 11, Heidi Cuppari rated it really liked it. If one were inclined to look for signs from the universe, this would be one.

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This is not another rich person coming in with her ideas–she has worked incredibly hard to get to the ideas of the poor person, and believe me, she has sweager unbelievable resistance. You laugh, you cry, you are motivated and inspired to do something to change the world yourself.

For someone who is not business-minded may not find this book as enjoyable as someone who is, but it is still an interesting, well-written, and eye opening read that you will be unable to put down. Novogratz is a big dreamer and a bigger doer.

Her efforts to discover for herself the fate of each of her Rwandan colleagues is simultaneously riveting, wrenching, and uplifting. She probably didn’t write it and edit it jacquelune my liking because she’s too busy changing the world for the better so JN’s desire, from a very young age, was to make a difference in the world.

The book doesn’t intrigue me at that point.