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What matters is whether Germany has the necessary capacity at its disposal.


The actual developments diverged to some extent from the Scharping’s conception. As far as the navy is concerned, it should be capable of deploying at least 15 warships and submarines at the same time. Germany supports the strategy of an inclusive PESCO, on the one hand, opening it to as many participants as possible and, on the other, avoiding clear commitments. The deficits of the German armed forces were demonstrated in the operation Allied Force in Here it must be stressed that all previous Bundeswehr reforms sought to increase expeditionary operations capacities while saving money.

Germany and the Use of Force. Germany intended to double from 7, to 15, soldiers the ability of the German armed forces to sustain forces in crisis management operations.

Ausbildungszentrum in Texas: Bundeswehr verabschiedet sich aus Fort Bliss

Some experts have pointed out that – given the present state of the Bundeswehr – it is not very likely. In this context, it must be noted that decreasing the European dependence on the USA in defence is impossible without a substantially greater contribution from Germany.

The German air force has long been involved in securing the Baltic airspace, as part of the Air Policing operation. FaLang translation system by Faboba. In terms of defining the main missions for the Bundeswehr, a fundamental shift in direction occurred after The weakness of the Bundeswehr at the time was in its ability to fulfil the most likely tasks, i.

In any case, the emphasis in German foreign policy was on crisis prevention rather than crisis management. The aim of this paper is to provide a succinct summary of the adaptations of the German military to a changing operational environment since the end of the Cold War; to highlight the main issues currently faced by the German armed forces; and last but not least, to describe the ongoing German military transformation.


Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft,pp. Later, the German participation in out-of-area military operations was a very important driving force. The current Bundeswehr, which is the child of the past military reforms, suffers fundamental shortages in its armaments, which were not at all remedied by the most recent reform.

The strengthening of the element in the armed forces tailored to crisis management was made possible by the most efficient use of resources and investment inherited from the Cold War era and cutting territorial defence capacities.

Ausbildungszentrum in Texas: Bundeswehr verabschiedet sich aus Fort Bliss – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The ensuing political debate was ended by the July ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, which opened the door for German participation in out-of-area military operations, as long as these were actions undertaken within the system of mutual collective defence. A Jahresberivht Paper noted unequivocally that there was no longer a risk of sudden attack in Central Europe, to which the armed forces would have to respond at short notice.

The political debate in Germany on increasing defence expenditure has not started because the subject was broached by Donald Trump. The present situation can be characterised as the Bundeswehr wehrbeauftratter optimised for conducting several types of out-of-area military operations and these existing capacities would be used in case of collective defence.

However, that does not mean that Germany wehrbeaufragter fully able to jahresbericyt its foreign-policy obligations in the military domain. During the last round of the German military transformationthe Bundeswehr was reduced further, fromsoldiers to ,; compulsory military service was abolished; and the Ministry of Defence would be restructured and reduced.

The ongoing German debate can be characterised as a certain return to collective defence as a paradigm, which stands behind the military planning.

German Military Reform — Militaire Spectatorno 4,pp.

However, in these number were further modified. Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Comments, Last but not least, jahresericht to military cooperation between Germany and Central European countries, which has developed significantly in jahgesbericht years, the results achieved in reforming the Bundeswehr are also important for those states of Central Europe, including the Czech Republic.


In terms of intensity and complexity, conflict prevention and crisis management operations do not differ from, and may even turn into, operations conducted in support of allies. Manchester University Press, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, February 9, At present, the budget is being prepared.

Die WeltFebruary 15,[online]. Bundesministerium der Verteidigung, By and large, the Bundeswehr is in an unsatisfactory state as far as the needs of the German security policy are concerned, even though the targets of the past reforms were largely met.

Reform jahresberciht the Bundeswehr started in the early s, in connection with the reunification of the country and the adjustment of its military to the limits set out in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe CFE Treaty.

Bundesministerium der Verteidigung,p.

Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig: Elektronische Zeitschriften

Paradoxically, at the time these objectives steaming from the NATO security threat assessment and NATO defence planning were achieved inthreat perception changed and more emphasis was put on territorial and collective defence. Reuters, July 4, wehrbeauftraggter, [online].

The growing international responsibility of our wehrbeauftrxgter is accompanied by military commitments as well as the increased expectations of our allies and partners.

Plans are also being prepared to develop a new generation of the main weapons systems or modernising existing ones. Verteidigungsministerium will das Heer umstrukturieren. After the reform, it was entirely evident that these operations have become the main task of the armed forces.

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, 14th July[online]. Since the end of the Cold War, several military reforms have been carried out so far and a new military transformation is in the process of preparation. Glatz and Wehrbeauftragetr Zapfe reached the conclusion that ” structurally, the Bundeswehr prioritizes high-intensity operations for collective defence.