Jamil Bashir Oud Method (VOL1 & 2 pdf) – update II – I was thinking that it may Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1 · Jamil Bashir Oud Method. THE OUD. The Way to Teach It. Volume 1. by Jamil Bashir. Teacher of Oud, Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad. Prepared by Habibe Zohor El-Abeas. I had an introductory course in Oud last year and it only lasted for four weeks and only two classes per Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1.

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I will explain the mistakes that i corrected in the book and will show how I corrected them. Very, very, very Cool!!! Wow, that is certainly an excellent service you have done for everyone including Jamil on the forum.

I have no idea of the meaning of some pieces titles, I think it is kurdish, anyone knows kurdish or can tell the meaning? This is what it was written for, for all future generations of oud players wherever they may be.

Damascus Member Is Offline Mood: Bas shoo l’naf3, bi rau7oo!! Spain Member Is Offline Mood: I will give myself a right that I don’t have, at least a few hundred around the world will do Jamil Bashir the honor of spending hours, days, months and years learning oud in his ouud, I believe he’d approve So being part of this “collective learning experience” is a joy, and I truly believe that Mike did to the oud more than any other official institution anywhere, including the rich ones.

A French translation would be cool, too! Beirut Member Is Offline Mood: Marina, your problem could be due to ftp blocking, some ISPs or network administrators in large companies put a blocking on ftp port21 to reduce traffic, try also the above and let me know.

Thank you very much I can’t download it using IE5 for the Mac either.

Jamil Bashir Oud Method Exercise

There’s a similar thread ajmil Mutlu Torun’s Ud Metodu – the publishers have been promising an English translation for ages now. Bosnia Member Is Offline Mood: Musical signs notes its a language lets you write and read music and it consists of 7 letters different in shape so you can know the difference between the level of the steps of the different voices.


Keeping the books available for the benefit of all is of paramount importance. I dont think you are in any danger of being sought after by the Iraqi education ministry. Try the suggested fingering and see if it works for you, it could even become a useful exercise, but if another fingering seems to work for you then try that as well.

Would it be an idea to have someone translate the most important parts of this? Thx merhod Alami for sharing this with us Thank you Alami, you are the best. As you can see, the response to your helping to make Bashirs method available to us has been so very positive and a real musical blessing.

Such a nice thing to do – thanx heaps. I found that in different exercises, the same f is shown with 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger playing?? I think you made the right decision in sharing the oud method of Jamil Bashir with all those who will appreciate mfthod make good use of it.

I guess coming from a classical background made me a little hesitant to bend the rules.

Ok i got it. So I said to myself what the hell!

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But i have to use Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox. I don’t know who owns the copyrights to the Bashir method, perhaps someone in the Bashir family? The notes are definitely clear enough to read and follow, I don’t think anyone would have a problem making out the notation, and if anyone was to obtain a copy of Bashirs method with the level of clarity of music notation you have acheived, they would be happy, it looks very good.


I contacted Ahmed from Ziryab see amtaha post abv. ALAMi habiby wallah, Thanks very much. Can you please post it again – it says “can not find server”. I am learning with that method and i have photocopies of bad photocopies.

To all the people who love beauty in the arts… to all the lovers of music and the students of music… I lift this simple work to the people; hopefully it will please them. I am really touched by all your kind words, thank you all. With enough interest,determination, as well as investing in production costs to have this book reprinted maybe include a CD? Any ideas or feedback on this? Does this make any sense?

Thank you very much. The point, and only point, is about sharing useful ressources that are no more available to buy, like the sound files of Jabakji playing his own book that I was posting for a while, the book is still available but not the tapes.

Jack Campin – http: I hate to be the party spoiler. Not party spoiler at all Hamid, you’re probably right. You are helping to keep the work of this great man alive, and if you left the quality of the digital restoration as you now have made it, everyone would be grateful to you. A teacher named Salah El Maniah before me, he translated very well, but there were some errors that I corrected — particularly the musical keys that came in the book.

Marina Oud Junkie Posts: Bosnia Jzmil Is Offline Mood: Melbourne, Samir, Alex, Yeslamou chabab! All the answers of the sharp and flat and voice if you add the 8th voice with the 1st voice tonic we imagine it is from the kind of answer of the loud voice.