This Refcard will help Java developers working with multi-threaded programs to understand core concurrency concepts and how to apply them. Overview the. This Refcard covers JVM internals, class loading (updated to reflect the new Metaspace in Java 8), garbage collection, troubleshooting, monitoring, concurrency. This Refcard focuses on the design, deployment, service discovery, and management of Java applications on the open-source project called Docker so that you.

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If the thread is blocked in a method that responds to interrupts, an InterruptedException will be thrown in the other thread, otherwise the interrupt status is set. Custom constraints can be created to provide reusable annotations with specific validation definitions:. Queues may be injected using the Resource annotation: Oracle recommends the following use cases or candidates for using the G1 collector, especially for existing applications currently using either the CMS or parallel collectors: Overview the key aspects of the Java language and get references on the core library.

Core Java Reference Card

Lambda expressions represent anonymous functions. Oracle Java Mission Control http: Introduces Ajax, a group interrelated techniques used in client-side web development for creating asynchronous web applications.

The below code is not thread-safe and the value could be initialized more than once, as check-then-act check for nullthen initialize that lazily initialized field is not atomic: We recommend to analyze the verbose: If there are several futures you can use CompletableFuture allOf to get a future, which is completed when all futures are completed, or CompletableFuture anyOfwhich is completed as soon as any future is completed.

An unbounded blocking queue backed by a min heap. Livelock occurs when threads spend all of their time negotiating access to a refcad or detecting and avoiding deadlock such that no thread actually makes progress.


Proper timeout implementation will prevent Retcard threads from waiting for too long in the event of major slowdown of your external service providers. Utilities including data structures, concurrency, regular expressions, and logging. In order to wake up a thread, any of these actions can be done:.

Annotation that provides the application the ability to declaratively control transaction boundaries on CDI-managed beans, as well as classes defined as managed beans. The lock is reentrant, so if the thread already holds the lock, it can successfully acquire it again. Another thread invokes notifyAllwhich wakes up all the threads waiting on the monitor. A true lock-ordering deadlock can be visualized as per below:. Java IO and remoting contention analysis, including timeout management assessment and tuning.

Core Java Concurrency

Plumbr Java memory leak detector https: Monitors, which are used when the whole method is synchronized. If any of the specified file names are directories, the jar program processes them recursively. Takes canonical equivalence of Unicode characters into account. A service registry provides that indirection. It provides the trace collection infrastructure and a UI in which you can view waterfall graphs of calls across services, along with their timings and trace-specific information.

It provides copy-on-write semantics where each modification of the data structure results in a new internal copy of the data writes are thus very expensive, whereas reads are cheap. There is often much more to be done before a ajva can get to production. This umbrella specification ties together the various subsystems that comprise the platform, and provides additional integration support where necessary.

Sets the class path, used to search for class files.

Java 8 Performance Optimization – DZone Refcard Update ~ Java EE Support Patterns

Root cause analysis will come later; the priority is to restore service. A message can be received as: Jav short-term penalty can also be explained by the fact that the internal JIT compiler has to start over its optimization work following a restart.


Refcard Java Enterprise Edition 7. A message can be easily sent as the following example: True Java-level deadlocks, while less common, jafa also greatly affect the performance and stability of your application. Over a million developers have joined DZone. JSR JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format and is the common format of the web for consuming and creating web services data.

Java Heap Sizing It is important to realize that no GC policy can save your application from an inadequate Java heap sizing. PDF for easy Reference.

Used to trigger an unknown set of threads once some number of actions has occurred. Transactional annotation that enables one to declaratively control transaction boundaries on POJOs.

If source and class files are present for a given file, the source is compiled if it is newer. Find all groups indicated by parentheses in the pattern.

It exposes methods to examine the current state of the future or block until the result is available.

Support for JavaBeans components classes with properties and event listeners. Messages sent into the channels are communicated to other nodes through a Spring Cloud Stream binder implementation that in turn talks to a messaging technology like RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka. Category is the name of a Unicode character category such as L letter or Sc currency symbol.

If a class path is specified, the current directory is not automatically included-add a. Example of an immutable object: Unexpected exception handling Threads can specify an UncaughtExceptionHandler that will receive a notification of any uncaught exception that causes a thread to abruptly terminate.