Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in. Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Marati abcd since. Udayavani epaper login uttara kannada july newspaper office. Advertisement schedule mkcl sarva in jayakirana newspaper was years.

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Justification left right and papeer We are committed to respect the values of secularism which only brings peace in this jatakirana. Keep writing Mr Shetty. But reaction by means of systematic violence cannot be justified and only doubts about the existence of fundamentalist groups only waiting for opportunity. I’m working in Saudi. My strong request to Police isfirstly arrest and book all the mischievious press resporters, cameramen and photographers who have links and associationships with all kinds of miscreants, communals and criminals.

All will be happy if they are shot dead.

Mangalore Today

Dear nagesh nayaka,today tasleem nasreena became your sister tomorrow,may be diana,?? First and far most before looking at our religion, we should look at humanity. Abu Mohammed, Riyadh Tell MF Hussain to draw nude picture of ur god then we will see the reaction as per u there is nothing wrong in drawing nude pic of god right. Gandigiri is the solution not gondagiri, i jayakiran the police department to maintain peace in mangalore, punish culprits, lot of bad things spoken and written about islam, but cant change, only thing changes may this kind of act.


Jaya Kirana – Mangalore Advertising Details. When the news spread out about his qatar offer. If this is done by muslims ,i request them not to do so jaakirana patience. According to you entire muslims in India are terrorist though they are innocent, not involved in any blast or in any anti national activities. For every artictle you find a msg blaming seculrism,congress Dont try to be crab. If Mahatma Gandhi could not do those days just forget it now when atmosphere is thoroughly communalised with some Indian showing extra territorial alleginace.

Those who had said MF Hussain has the freedom of expression are now conspicuous by their comments about freedom of expression for the media. Some newspapers in coastal karnataka and Jaya Kirana in particular, are know for reports filled with hate.

Why are u soo happy to read such article Nadeem, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 Nazia dxb,mangalore. If they have guts then let them show. Bunch of pressmen and theirs support staff jayakirzna close links with anti-socials.

The investigation is on. Also to be noted, we have a secular setup.

JayaKirana Epaper

Live happily with no conflicts. Karnataka was rising and Bangalore shined brightly in the world map during the terms of S. Only politician people are getting the advantage of such things. This is truly shameful to pper peace loving people of Mangalore. First Could you tell me who according you ar true indians because according to nagesh maamu, all hindus are only true indians. Be the part of the solution and not of the problem.


All this days they were just pointing fingers at others with three fingers always pointing to themselves. It is your constitutional right,no body can stop you.

Jaya Kirana Epaper | Today’s Kannada Daily | JayaKirana Online Newspaper

I wanna see wat u have to comment at tht time. Where bible Says to “Forgive your enemies”. I am peace loving person. Then in mangalore all is well. Sometimes truth becomes bitter to swollow.

It is nothing but politics- ‘divide and rule’. Prabhakar, karkal Tue, Mar 2 Mr ali, Mangalore‚Ķ I guess you forgot both are written by your own people re.

Association gives 3-day ultimatum to government to trace missing fishermen. No one has the right to do such activities. But you know whoever indulging in criminal activities and voilence are to be seen equal eye irrespective of their religion,caste and creed whatsoever!? Rajeshplease also tell us pape we should chase your people??

Having said that media also to take care of it’s responsibilty while enjoying it’s right. First treat them with police methods.