The Stone Gods has ratings and reviews. Ian said: When I bought my copy of The Stone Gods, the bookseller told me two things: it had received s. “The Stone Gods,” Jeanette Winterson’s new novel, makes an excellent choice for desert-planet reading — scary, beautiful, witty and wistful by. The Stone Gods is one of Jeanette Winterson’s most imaginative novels — an interplanetary love story; a traveller’s tale; a hymn to the beauty of the world. On the.

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I need to think about the words hhe this but wow. But here it is all mixed up with a love story that is asked to carry far too much weight.

So, yes, we are near Borges country. I’ve changed my mind.

You can feel it with your every pore. The final story is a near-future post-WWIII story following Billie as she steals a prototype artificial intelligence robot owned by the MORE corporation, which now runs the world or at least, what we can see of it. It shoots it fine mist of torture and hustles me into the frame.

But even in the lectures Winterson’s tone is lively. Her blunt satire takes on some obvious targets, the modern tyrannies of parking meters and cosmetic surgery and corporate autocracy for a start, but her attempts at making a Ballard-style dystopia are never really convincing.

This rapid plot movement and inconsistency in character are both part of what mark Winterson’s playfulness with narrative, as well as goes the book feel incomplete in some way, unfinished. What will happen when their story combines with the world’s story.

Winterson has often seemed to want to make a universe of her own emotion, most obviously in her book-length take on Marvell’s To HisCoy Mistress, Written on the Body,and jeaneette she makes that case explicitly.

Quotes from The Stone Gods.

Jeanette Winterson’s prose is charming, irreverent and humorous and is a pleasure to read. The writing style was most definitely not for me! Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: I’ve liked some of Jeannette Winterson’s books in the past – most notably Oranges Aren’t the Only Fruit and her more typically surreal and admittedly a little schmaltzy The Passion.


Two characters who become a star-crossed couple stonf Billie Crusoe heavy name here: This book strikes me as a very good example of a mainstream “literary” fiction writer experimenting with genre, and failing horribly.

Winterson experiments with the components of a story and comes out with a tale that is greater than the sum of its parts, even as it is as confusing as it is thought provoking. DNF page 58 I had to read this book for a class at University. In part two, the story takes us to the s, when Captain Cook visits Easter Island and describes what happens then. That’s frankly something I’ve never liked, and am growing quite tired of – and that’s when it’s done in such a way that it makes sense.

There she meets many odd I understate jeanettd people, but not to spoil this novel for future readers, I will not go into them there are too many to do that here but will provide the name of one: February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson

Winterson uses this vague take on Defoe as an opportunity for no end of poetic parables about the rape of iwnterson planet and man’s inhumanity to man. Particularly the beauty of woodland, because an oak takes three hundred years to grow, three hundred years to live, and three hundred years to die.

She brings to life villagers in a way that anthropologists seem to think they do with their jenette, narcissistic studies, but in fact they completely fail.

Inthe music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. This site uses cookies More info No problem. Having carved out a spot for herself outside the fast paced, bright city, Billie is loathe to leave, but recognizes that she does not fit into the system as it has evolved. Again, I’m not sure what the point is: Her most recent book is The Battle of the Sun A farmhouse, with hearthfire, beside a willow-hung river complete with iris and moorhens could not possibly exist in the terminally exhausted world of the first section.


A sort of mystical collection of interrelated stories about love and how humans are destroying our planet and ourselves, a bit preachy but still lovely.

The Stone Gods Publisher: How these three story strands are woven together into one fabric is revealed finally.

Her prose is simply fantastic – I am amazed at how she makes the simplest observations read like poetry, and what could be a very fatalistic narrative is instead deeply seeded with hope. He had the dog on a lead and he was still managing to be a boy with a dog and the dog was still managing to be a dog with a boy because not even a bomb gets to wipe out everything.

Fiction Jeanette Winterson Science fiction books reviews. As the end approaches, Billie is thoroughly disturbed by the state in which some of these people live, physically torn apart by war and the destructive power of science, yet clinging to life tenaciously.

Head cases

The bookstore where I work at one point moved this to Sci Fi my section to maintainbut I moved it back to the regular fiction section. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Underneath it, as in every fable telling us that the future will be much worse than we thought, things are deadly serious.

Are all those empty adults born so? But as you come close you find that what you think you saw wasn’t what you really saw at all. Nothing anyone did really made sense, and it all seemed like a vehicle for Winterson to test out scifi as a genre There are several themes, each poignantly presented so well by the author that the reader is pulled into the hopes and heartbreaks of the protagonist.

The allusions were lost on me, and I read a lot of books. Jun 10, Gina rated it it was amazing.