Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Kat Kennedy said: I remember someone explaining, chemically, how a cheese burger works. How the fa. Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Rochelle said: It took several tries but I finally finished it. Very standard paranormal romance b. Buy Besos de Sangre by Jeaniene Frost (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Thank god we didn’t always get the X-rated version. Five months later, Cat was jeanoene, premature but fully developed. View all 88 comments. Bones was laughably pathetic in comparison and a clueless US writer trying to write him as an English gentleman sabotaged him beyond repair. Still, for a paranormal romance novel this one was sexy, quick, and pure entertainment. Not that I minded the extra activity, to be honest.

Besos de Sangre : Jeaniene Frost :

sanre His human name and tile were, Baron Charles DeMortimer and he was changed around the age of Dear lord, what is this pish? Once Burned Jeaniene Frost.

I can’t even remember that crazy biatch’s name. It is not okay. Read at your own risk.

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Sadly, I won’t read the next book. It was frodt she had a multiple personality disorder, one second she is strong and independent which I loved and then right back to whiny teenager. Romance Science Fiction Fantasy. Penelope died of syphilis at the age of 33 when Crispin was The Vampires were almost all male which I found disappointing.

sangte The gendered dynamics are offputting to say the very least. Bones is simply one of the most amazing swoon worthy males in PNR, not only is he a hot british dude with the accent and looks and charm, bess has a very well built character that makes you fall in love with him no question asked. I drool sometimes when I drink'”. This passage deserves to be quoted in full. It took a little bit for some reason, but when he did finally draw me in, it will fully and with commitment.


And to be honest, I think I will go on with the second book.

She has a younger sister called Tina and a younger brother. This is just a part of a long, ranty review posted on Hey Ashers! Said hero falls for heroine because of these cute in his mind little tantrums, despite displaying a general lack of respect for her as an autonomous being. But then Francesca happened.

Besos de sangre

The writing is witty and humorous but falls kind flat in places. However, all the underlying worn out themes and tired old cliches are, unfortunately, all too much the same. To ask other readers questions about Besos de sangreplease sign up. No worldbuilding, no spark in the romance, no interesting secondary characters — no characters at all for nearly 70 pages except for the heroine and her vampire squeeze.

Let me start by saying Halfway to the Grave came highly recommended. Maybe she was showing us how awful Cat’s interpersonal skills were but even so He’s really creepy in a bad way Our love interest is a two-hundred-plus year old Englishman with super-sculpted cheek bones, a slender build, a wardrobe of dark clothing, and the attitude of And yet she blushes at the slightest innuendo.

When it I remember someone explaining, chemically, how a cheese burger works. Does that excuse Cat’s behavior? Midwestern girl, half-human half-vampire child of rape, hunts vampires at nightclubs until she gets involved with one yes, like that and is drawn into the big leagues of fighting evil.

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View all 70 comments. So basically, Cat kinda grew one me ok, I tolerated herand Bones is one sexy beast.

So here’s the deal: God help them if they wear clothing that reveals that women have actual human skin-flesh and an actual human shape instead of being an amorphous, skinless blob as she had previously thought.

Anyway, I am ridiculously picky when it comes to how books are narrated. It’s like the author put forward two stereotypes and expected the reader to just assume that the motions they go through are the natural elements of two people falling deeply in love. In fact, she improved the book a bit with her performance. So yes, for all of you who ejaniene me to just wait it out and read the rest of the book because I would end up liking it, I again admit defeat and surrender.

Besos de Sangre

Writing a Paranormal Romance Characters 1 Alienated but speshul female lead who is insecure about her looks, inexperienced with dating, and trying to build identity away from her family. Bound by Flames Jeaniene Frost. In fact, Bones looks much like this man but for the blue eyes: