Athena [John Banville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the internationally acclaimed author of The Book of Evidence and Ghosts. Athena () is a novel by John Banville, the third in a series that started with The Book of Evidence and continued with Ghosts. In it a woman steps out of her. Frederick Busch. Los Angeles Times – 02 July In his 10th novel, John Banville returns to the protagonist of his eighth (“The Book of Evidence”), a sad.

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I have no idea what Ganville other books are like, or what they’re about, but I get the feeling he could write as well about St. A difficult, frustrating book that I was relieved to finish. I’ll need to remember that if I ever write a novel with a villain or deeply flawed hero.

I am not in the habit of consulting other comments upon a book before I post. May 01, Roger Brunyate rated it it was ok. Yet Banville manages to make it all compelling through the use of his prose, which seems determined to plunge the reader into a languid, dream-like affair, held together by a narrator who seems to drift in and out of his athnea story, sometimes settling into a scene with a startlingly concrete presence, and other times anchored to absolutely nothing at all.

But they’re all liars: Even so, what fascinates about this fairly vicious and quite lovely novel is Banville’s combination of contempt and affection for Morrow’s type: You know they’re there, but their shape has been reduced to a simple lump. All this I understand now–but then; ah, my dear, then!

Athena (The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy, #3) by John Banville

Reminded me of the more opaque of Ishiguro’s writing. Puns and anagrams aside, suspended as I am between desire and tedium, there is only one place on earth I possibly can be. Not events, not characters, not time and place, not even any tangible reality, but words pure and by no means simple, creating the atmosphere of a dream that may at any moment turn into nightmare, words spun out, questioned, erased, words rich in apparent meanings that the next moment may well be denied.


It is almost a letter to this A. Jan 31, Eric rated it liked it. They either die or fall off or retire or something, and you’re left with only one or two really good works. So I am torn and at some point I will try something else by him. B’s prose is less playful, less self-satisfied, but maybe more It’s hard to put into words, but it has its own distinct flavor.

I have found all 3 depressing. Periodically, we are told how to think about the alleged conjunction here of art and love: In Athenathe narrator—Freddy Montgomery from The Book of Evidence —gets involved with some shady people who have acquired some minor 17th Dutch masters; they want Freddie now “Morrow”, he changed his name after getting out of prison to “Morrow”, for—of course—tomorrow to assess the paintings, give his opinion on whether they are in fact genuine.

I delighted in the author’s words, his grandiloquent and sociopathic characters, his local color of that other Eden — Ireland. Enough of this metaphor.

ATHENA by John Banville | Kirkus Reviews

His wife, Anna, has recently died, and he’s sort of lost and floating, not really knowing what to do with himself and how to handle the loss of Anna and memories of his childhood and events that happened at the guest house long, long ago. In that, a retired man moves into a guest house by the seaside in Ireland, near where he stayed as a boy.

I wanted to be free. Trivia About Athena The Fredd What’s there here that’s interesting to new readers? I banvil,e don’t buy it.

Banville is a gorgeous writer, and I want to go back over his prose at times. While Montgomery is apparently bent on constructing an apostrophe–a long song of love to a nameless, seductive female presence whom he loved and who left him–he is really on his master’s errand: Banville owes at least some nominal debt to Nabokov’s Lolita for his portrait of Freddie’s self-destruction under the thrall of A.



It’s not that there isn’t any actual plot, but Banville doesn’t explore it. She’s slender and not as young as she seems and has dark, blue-black hair.

We can presume that Athena takes place roughly in “the present” or at least the time the book was published in the mid-’90salthough no times or dates are mentioned in fact banbille location is mentioned either, but from various clues we can safely assume the setting is Dublin.

Feb 07, Frank rated it it was amazing Shelves: The change in “person” is jarring; it’s just subtle enough to constantly catch one every time. We know from bajville together the clues left throughout this book as well as Ghosts the second installment in the trilogythat Freddie served a number of years in prison for the murder of a young housekeeper in the course of stealing a painting from the estate of some wealthy acquaintances depicted in the original of the trilogy, The Book of Evidence.

In his hands, it winds up being the dream that doesn’t quite startle you enough to wake you up, but lingers long enough to make you wonder if you ever did wake up completely. Atheja perception of his surroundings is, however, completely banvillr of sync, and his narration and its chronology cannot be trusted.

The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy 3. The Irish Times, too, suffered severe financial problems, and Banville was offered the choice of taking a redundancy package or working as a features department sub-editor.