A decade after Nocturnes first terrified and delighted readers, John Connolly, bestselling author of thirteen acclaimed thrillers featuring private investigator. A decade after NOCTURNES first terrified and delighted readers, John Connolly, bestselling author of thirteen acclaimed thrillers featuring. Nocturnes by John Connolly. John Connolly has been hiding a gift, I think. The author of several very well-written and convincing Charlie Parker crime novels.

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I hope you enjoy it too.

Night Music: Nocturnes 2

This also caused Sherlock to come to the Caxton Library. I can point out many authors who have written a handful of extremely memorable short stories, but very rarely have I encountered such a discovery in a single collection of modern works! These are short stories packed with punches, teeth and noturnes. Connolly displays his craft of the art of storytelling by supplying 13 well-crafted and amazingly powerful stories.

Are there rusty, brown stains on the towels and walls? Below you can find the complete list of the stories in Nocturnrs Music. This is my honest review.

I can only imagine what sorts he will achieve when his canvas is expanded from twelve to four hundred pages. A twisted fable with a very dark sense of humour.

I’m almost positive that everyone can find at least one story nocturbes enjoy. Just to be sure.

Though I seem to have abandoned the Charlie Parker series, which despite being thoroughly excellent just went on and on and on, this collection was still something on my radar. These are killer pieces about characters in books coming to life and in what type of places they reside.


The Blood of the Lamb 3. I fully expect a full length Caxton Public Lending Library novel at some point in time, it’s evident that the author loves that universe and I definitely enjoy reading about it, even if it has spoiled some classic books that I had been meaning to read.

Pettinger’s Da This is a book of short stories, so Nocturnea would think that the best way to respond would be to each one individually It will pull you into worlds other than the one we know. What if that something is primal and bestial? I like most the ones, which are connected with the legends about ancient faerie or divine creatures – with them Connely touches the greatness of H.

Bookslut | Nocturnes by John Connolly

Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! And Lizzie’s different these connollly too. Scary, poignant, heartfelt, horrifying, weird, creepy – you name it, it’s here; and better yet, Mr. As Rye’s plane nears the isolated nocturnrs strip, worse trouble than bad weather awaits him.

A solid recommendation from someone who at times struggles with short story collections. I finished this great little collection last night and highly recommend it to anyone who is a Connolly fan.

Night Music

He studied English in Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University, subsequently spending five years working as a freelance journalist for The Irish Times newspaper, to which he continues to contribute.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The jon in this collection left me literally gaping at the sheer genius of their construction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It also didn’t hurt that he included a Charlie Parker novella smack dab in the middle. I’ve never read anything else of John Connolly’s, but from this collection of short stories, kohn seems he has real women issues. I have had his books on my to read list for a long time, but I have to admit that Night Music is my first book that I read of John Connolly.

John Connolly (author) – Wikipedia

Bad Soldier Chris Ryan. It’s not that the quality of the work isn’t up to par with that of a full length novel, it’s just the ending of one story followed by the conmolly of another can sometimes come across as exhausting.

Please help by adding secondary or tertiary sources. It certainly wasn’t badly written.