LEARNING TO USE JOSM – a guide to learning JOSM, with miscellaneous topics. ○ RESOURCES – links to information about OSM and the JOSM Editor. How to download and install JOSM, the Java OpenStreetMap editor, change some of the settings, open the instructions are similar for other operating systems. More advanced users may want to migrate to the JOSM editor at some point for We also found this JOSM Basic Manual pdf on the web, it would be good for a.

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You also can delete a layer using the delete button: Click the download button green arrow in the upper left, this opens the download dialog. This step could be used to fix location of objects which have wrong position. If you want to upload the GPS track from Garmin device, you may need to use this plugin. Try improving the accuracy of a feature.

We call these layers base layers and our OSM data layer is main layer that we use to digitize and edit, add objects, move objects, etc.

Select the road and drag it where it should be. Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. Roads that intersect should always share a node as josn in the figure below. The result of the combine way operation in JOSM. Simply speaking, OpenStreetMap is jos up of nodes points and ways lines. Every item listed is a different source of data that you have open in JOSM.

While zooming in you need to point the mouse at the data you wish to zoom towards. When you run the validation tool, it returns two types of problems:. Use same steps that you have learned before to add nodes to your map.


Welcome to the JOSM online help system

To move a layer, click on that layer in Layers panel and click up or down blue arrow to move it. Select the Draw tool from the edit tools and move to the location of the restaurant.

You have done this in previous chapter.

This chapter is devoted to helping you make quality contributions to OpenStreetMap. The right mouse button lets you drag the map, and your scroll wheel allows you to zoom in and out. Double-click on the jar file Step 3: You can click on the folder for these types of errors and click the Fix button in the window. You also can save your file by click this button:. This often happens when someone draws a building and then select one of the nodes that participate in the object. The JOSM editor runs directly on your desktop.

You can add, edit, and remove tags directly from properties panel. Lastly, we will then discuss the JOSM validator tool, which is an automated way of checking for errors.

For example, highway nodes should not be snapped to buildings, because no one likes a road that leads directly into a wall! These are important to fix, and you should not ignore these.

Your first steps with JOSM — the Java OpenStreetMap editor

You can also create building more complicated buildings by first drawing some overlapping buildings and merging them together. Mapbox Blocked Unblock Follow Following. But because JOSM is a desktop application, it works a little bit differently.

When JOSM starts up, the main editing space displays some text. After editing in OpenStreetMap, you will realize that you are majual a lot of time with each click on the menu and submenu.


The example of overlap building that is true and false. These are the steps to save your work:. JOSM has some additional tools to make it easier to create high quality lines and polygons. The data mznual have downloaded and the satellite imagery you have chosen are presented as different layers. JOSM allows you to install various plugins, extending the functionality of the software.

It will look like the figure below:.

This is because the validation tool works on the whole map in your editing extents, —not only the manuzl that you have made. You have edited OpenStreetMap!

Click the download toolbar button to open the download dialog window. When the download window opens, you should see a map with a pink box drawn on it. When adding roads, always connect them to existing roads. You should see your changes now appearing on jozm map! Here is your guide to take your mapping skills to the next level. Type in here a brief description of your edits. If you want to do some editing without using GPS traces, skip this section. This will open up the download window.

JOSM/Guide – OpenStreetMap Wiki

To save your OSM file, make sure your layer active. Start small, because you can download more data as you need it. Please note, the data you manuak working with is real data and the nodes, lines and polygon in your map area represents actual objects on the ground. Now, try adding a road.