Ancient Indian History Kadamba Dynasty – Learn Ancient Indian History starting from Study, Geographical Background of Indian History, Writing, Sources of. Kadamba dynasty (kadamba) (ಕದಂಬ ರಾಜವಂಶ) is one of the most ancient and long serving royal dynasties of Karnataka. Apart from the Banavasi Kadambas. Kadamba family, minor dynastic power that held sway in an area to the northwest of Mysore city on the Indian subcontinent between the 4th and 6th centuries ce.

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Shashanka means “moon” in Sanskrit. Help us improve this article! From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

File:Emblem of Kadamba.JPG

Kadamba dynasty originating from Banavasi found its extensions in other parts of Karnataka and out side and those branches kadambx dealt with separately. Retrieved from ” https: Languages Shqip Edit links. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ravivarma was the next important king and he defeated the king of kAnchi and Ucchangidurga in Bellary district became yet another capital city. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Being native Kannadigas, the Kadambas promptly gave administrative and political importance to their language, Kannada, after coming to power.

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Some of their temples also used perforated screen windows.


Kadamba family

Finally the kingdom fell to the prowess of the Badami Chalukyas. Under a Mandala had been Vishayas districts. Contents 1 History 1. The earliest record making this claim is the and inscriptions of Harikesari Deva which are copied in inscriptions thereafter, describing Mayurasharma as the progenitor of the kingdom who established his might on the summit of Mount Himavat. The great poet Kalidasa had visited his court.

One legend states cynasty family descended from a three-eyed, four-armed being called Trilochana Kadamba who sprang to life from the drops of sweat from the forehead of Shiva falling at the roots of a Kadamba tree. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:. Mayurasharma’s son, Kangavarma, succeeded him in ; he had to fight the Vakataka might to protect Kuntala.

Description Emblem of Kadamba. Several descendants scatter around present day Goa, Belgaum, Mangalore and Bangalore.

An inscription of the Nagarakhanda Kadambas, a later descendent dynasty, gives a legendary account and traces their lineage back to the Nandas. He was the son of Bandhushena, grandson of his guru teacher Veerasharma and a student at the Agrahara place of learning in Talagunda.

Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Mysore. The earliest Kannada language inscriptions are attributed to the Kadambas of Banavasi.

Ancient Indian History Kadamba Dynasty

Nezak Huns Kabul Shahi. The legends could not be satisfactorily deciphered by Sri MM Prabhu of Mangalore due to the poor chipped condition of coins, and was read Sri Manaragi. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.


Adikavi Pampa highly spoke of this kingdom in his writings.

Although a ksdamba short in duration, less than two centuries, the Kadamba influence passed on to dynasties that followed making its presence felt even today. Several descendants are scattered around present day Goa, BelagaviMangaluru and Bengaluru. They have been definitively attributed to the Kadambas because they not only have various Kadamba symbols, such as conches and chakras, but one of the epithets on the coins, sri dosharashiis known from inscriptions to have been used by the Kadamba king Krishnavarma II ruled — Their Talagunda inscription starts with an invocation of Lord Shiva while the Halmidi and Banavasi inscriptions start with an invocation of Lord Dynasy.

Their genealogy and chronology are highly…. Archaeological Dgnasty of India. He increased the influence and prestige of his family. They built the Madhukesvara temple, considered their family deity. Kadambas were the first rulers to use Kannada as an additional official administrative language, as evidenced by the Halmidi inscription of