Kajira of Gor (Gorean Saga) [John Norman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In their contentions with Priest-Kings, Kurii, savage denizens . Kajira of Gor has ratings and 10 reviews. Johnny said: Is another Gorean novel, this time number 19 in the Chronicles of Gor series by John Norman. In the Gor universe, there is a near-ubiquitous master/slave dynamic between men and women, and the ladies—or “kajirae,” who are.

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Kajira – WikiMANNia

Only a minority of kajirae were born into slavery and only a minority of these born kajirae are “exotics”, bred to possess special characteristics. Another deviation from the main storyline, and another look at slavery from a woman’s point of view, allied to a tale of political intrigue and imposters. I think I’ll end this there.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And not even a particularly attractive one though by the standards of Earth she’s a great beauty and aspiring model.

The nineteenth installment of John Norman’s Gor series can be summed up like the previous eighteen books.

Free women can be very conscious of kajirae, and sometimes envy them for being uninhibited by the restrictive customs which frequently govern the behavior of free women especially high-caste women in the city-statesbut they often seek to distinguish and differentiate themselves from kajirae as far as possible.

Preview — Kajira of Gor by John Norman. This book is not yet featured goor Listopia. Can’t we just get to the shagging kamira

These Goreans are strong and willful in their absolute authoity over women. In John Norman ‘s Gor novels, a Kajira is a female slave or slave-girl. What is the bloody point? It’s like you wear an outfit. For the average person just tor picking up this book, he or she will be bored to tears.

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Kajira of Gor

You want to edit? To gof other readers questions about Kajira of Gorplease sign up. Kajira is the term for female slave or ” slave-girl ” in John Norman ‘s Gor [ wp ] novels. To mark a slave as a particular owner’s property, a collar with the owner’s name is placed upon the slave male and female slaves are collared.

glr There exist various techniques in Gorean culture to teach Gorean slaves corresponding conduct. Still, better to put it in book form than to be an outright stalker, for example.

Kajira – Wikipedia

Oct 02, Christoph Chesnavich rated it it was amazing Shelves: Views Read Edit View history. In that one, not only does the plot make more sense Elinor Brinton is abducted by the Priest Kings who, we already know, can, and do, abduct people of Earth in order to populate or repopulate Gor and is dragged into the wider mytharc in which she plays a main part but also she, as a character, actually is more believable and plays an active role in the plot, her slavery being secondary to this, unlike Tiffany Collins who’s just some person, and the way that the Gorean institution of slavery is presented makes more sense back then, a suitably attractive Pleasure Slave would set a Gorean of modest means back a significant amount, whereas in the later novels, they’re basically so common as to be utterly worthless – indeed, in volume five, “Assassins of Gor,” the female lead Elizabeth Cardwell nets a price in the thousands and thousands of goldpieces.

In fact, why not grab Naomi Campbell so she’s million miles away from anyone she might throw a phone at, and we can then have lots of visceral satisfaction at the disproportionate retribution thus inflicted upon her. This page was last edited on 26 Julyogr A rather severe, straight line staff, majira two, upturned, frondlike curls, adjacent to it, joined where they touch the staff on its right.


Corcyrus is ruled by a beautiful woman—the cruel, arrogant, much-hated Sheila, an agent of Kurii. Under Gorean laws, a slave is the absolute property of her or his ownerand has no rights or protections; no obligations or duties are ever owed to a slave.

I really, really wanted to like this, but it was so repetitive and unimaginative that even with skimming, I couldn’t make it through to the end.

Steven rated it really liked it Jul 11, Kxjira 13, Johnny Hazelnut rated it did not like it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I know plenty of women who would be offended by this, but it doesn’t upset me. Here, between crown and fetters, between adulation and total submission, is the full-scale panorama of that wonderful, barbaric world as only Tarl Cabot knew it.

Kahira rated it it was amazing Jul 15, The phrase “lo kajirus” is said to mean “I am a slave-boy. How much would this cost? Kajira of Gor A Star book Author s: Kajirae have a plethora of types [2] of varying prestige depending on their virginity, origins, and fields of employment including the following:. We don’t need to know oc she gets up to while pretending to be Tatrix of Corcyrus.

The phrase ” la kajira ” is said to mean “I am a slave-girl. In fact, it’s a by-the-numbers book with yet more characters we never hear from again. But the cardinal sin with this novel is that Mr Norman has already done it before, oc better too. A planet that inexplicably in perfect parallel orbit with gpr Earth on the other side of the Sun, and therefore always hidden which cannot happen.