Welcome to the ** Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Advanced Theory/Science ** discussion thread. The purpose of this thread is to try and. The simplicity and performance of the KF airfoil have made it popular in the Maker Trainer 2 and uses the KFm-2 (Kline-Fogelman model 2) airfoil design (a. The idea works but only with active automated re-configuration of the shape of the step(s) during flight. Further testing has shown that this airfoil.

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I was looking for airfoils, and I came across an interesting design. I would be curious enough to donate to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. It has an Opposite Effect when Flying Upside Down, Tried it and ran it thru a couple of simulators, has an unintended Effect for those of us who don’t fly upside airfpil all of the time.

It has been noted that during a steep climb, once the throttle is cut back the plane will just settle down and fly level with the ground. It becomes attached airofil the surface of the airfoil and since is it rotating faster than the air beneath the airfoil, it reduces the air pressure on the upper surface.

Designers and pilots such as RCPowers, FPVTrond, RCTestFlight, myself, and many others share our creations online today and swear by the KF airfoil in providing superior performance and flight characteristics over any other wing profile.

KFm-6 Flying Wing

Thanks for the inspiration! One of the biggest issues was that the diagramed airfoil design did not accurately resemble the actual wing profile.

We can’t statistically, scientificly or any other way prove the Ofm works or why. Thus, a given airfoil can do certain things well, but do poorly in other areas.


Although the result looked good and worked well it is not a performance I would like to repeat any time soon! Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies. I used an OrangeRX receiver to get started as they are just so cheap and so easy to use!

CG on wings is critical. However; some of the FT designs do have a KFm1 style airfoil. It would be absolutely fantastic if someone with access to a wind tunnel, or a computer with fluid dynamics software, would offer to help us in our search, but I expect we will end up doing what we have always done: Dick is now 84 years old. Jack, you have a serious humor deficiency.

I also kkfm an extra layer top and bottom of the center section to make sure there would be enough space in the middle to cut a bay for all the electronics. They operate on using trapped vortexes that turn the negative force of drag into a positive force by employing that energy.

I have always loved the agressive look of the Hornet and the profile it displays in the sky is just incredible. This new layer should be the same thickness as the existing wing or thinner—any thicker and it could start creating drag.

New Technology: Kline-Fogleman Airfoil Design

Millions of people had seen this snow on their TV sets, but nobody had connected the dots until Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered what it actually was. Log In to reply. Last edited by jackerbes; Aug 23, at For a small size a KFm2 is good, going large a KFm4 will give a thicker wing which will better suited for the size, all will work fine.

Enhancing the aerodynamic performance of stepped airfoils Numerical and Experimental Study 1. Although I had no intention of making this an FPV model from the outset I did retain a space in the nose for the GoPro as I knew from experience that it was good for balance and also the in-flight footage might be fun! People have said, “Man, that looks ugly. Kline-Fogleman Airfoil on a flying wing.


Again made from roughly 5. Super fast and maneuverable and would slow to almost a hover on landings. All of this is with the aim to find a more effective, stable, and overall better wing design.

There just isn’t much scientifically gathered info. I was just as surprised as everyone else at how well it flew!

KFm-4 airfoil for speed and stability | Flite Test

Aviation Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. In addition, because it penetrates the air so well and is extremely stable, it will produce better photography. Some nay sayers that do try the KFm are surprised and become converts. I know you and I have nothing but great respect for Mr. And, they are very forgiving. And, now for the most amazing aspect of all I also noted the flight charateristics being very docile and it had airfoi tendency to want to fly upright.

** Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Advanced Theory/Science ** – RC Groups

Last edited by jackerbes; Sep 26, at However, a claim has never been made that they make great gliders. Marty Most of the data on the KFm is what we as model builders have collected by flying the Kfm wing. Wish I had added the space in the middle as airfoul and now FT has done with the “Bluntnose”. This thread is intended for discussions about building and flying aircraft with Kline-Fogelman wings. This is why they would be more suited for model aircraft rather than large aircraft which would experience higher Reynolds numbers.