Published: (); Ōkina katsuji no Sanseidō kokugo jiten / By: Kindaichi, Kyōsuke. Shin meikai kokugo jiten / Kindaichi Kyōsuke [et al.]. 新明解国語 辞典. Results 1 – 30 of Jitsuyao shin kokugo jiten penji fudejun Eigo tsuki by Sanseido and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Product description. ” Seventh edition official app SANSEIDO Japanese dictionary ” is a Buy Sanseido Kokugo Jiten 7th edition -Sanseido Japanese- Japanese Dictionary-: Read Apps & Games Reviews –

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Japanese Mobile App Review: Sanseido’s Gendai Shin Kokugo Jiten (三省堂現代新国語辞典)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Its definitions are often longer and more explanatory than those in single-volume dictionaries, and it includes many line drawings, primarily of items unique to Japanese culture. miten

Then you can easily get back to the previous entry you were looking at with a browser-like back button. Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms: Following the death of Yamada Tadao, the Shin meikai kokugo jiten ,okugo a jiteh notoriety in Japan after the publication of the humorous bestsellers by Akasegawa Genpei”Mysteries of the Shinkai-san ” and Suzuki Makiko”How to read the Shinkai-san “.

Kokugo Dictionaries 国語辞書

Kokugo Dictionaries as Tools for Learners: Even the English glosses, though quite well done, are too skimpy to make this book much use as a Japanese-English dictionary. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of kokugo dictionaries in print, ranging hiten size from huge multivolume works for scholars and language fanatics to small pocket-sized books of negligible scope and use.

This dictionary was originally published in twenty large volumes. Your email address will not be published. Though subtitled in English “The Great Japanese Dictionary,” this dictionary is, in my opinion, koiugo least great of the four large single-volume kokugo dictionaries described here. This dictionary is an example. Though Koujien is regarded by many in Japan iiten the authoritative dictionary and is the one most often cited by newspaper editorialists trying to make etymological points of questionable validity, I regard the best single-volume kokugo dictionary to be Daijirin.

The focus for this Japanese dictionary’s citations seems to have been on relatively lofty literary and historical works, while trashier and more popular works, especially in the modern era, received shorter shrift. Retrieved from ” https: The one area where this dictionary excels is in its pictures. Although the large single-volume dictionaries are the best general references on the Japanese language, their weight and bulk make them unwieldy and unportable.


But how often is one in an environment where they have no internet these days? With its many color pictures, ookugo of advice on giving speeches and writing letters, and short English glosses for many of the entries, it wears its marketing strategy on its sleeve: Though the Oxford English Dictionary, the closest counterpart to this dictionary in English, has been criticized for giving too much weight to the works of Shakespeare, this dictionary seems to give even more emphasis to certain canonical works.

Visited times, 1 visits today. In the following, I use Nihongo jisho or “Japanese dictionary” to refer to all types of dictionaries of the Japanese language, both general and specialized, and reserve kokugo jisho or “kokugo dictionary” specifically for general-purpose dictionaries in which the meanings of Japanese words are explained in Japanese.

Rather than state definitively the probable origin of a word, the editors decided merely to repeat what other references have asserted. Unlike many other dictionaries described here, this work seems aimed less at the masses than at people interested in language itself. Today, kokugo usually means the Japanese language and literature as taught in Japanese schools, while Nihongo refers to the language itself in contrast to the other languages of the world.

This dictionary covers the widest range of vocabulary and has the most in-depth definitions of any Japanese dictionary available today.

Gally, Tom 26 Mar I have used many of these dictionaries myself as a translator and reader of Japanese and while working on several bilingual dictionary projects, and though I do not pretend to know all the sublimities and defects of each I hope that my comments about them will help readers choose among them.

But while market pressures have forced many publishers to turn out quick-and-dirty unoriginal dictionaries, that same commercial competition has also driven a few publishers to spend the time and money required to compile distinctive works of lasting value.

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Catalog Record: Shin meikai kokugo jiten | Hathi Trust Digital Library

While all of the big dictionaries are advertised as gifts for recent graduates and newlyweds, this one seems most consciously designed to appeal to the casual, unintellectual consumer. Notify me of new posts by email. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


All decisions regarding layout and distribution of the work are in hands of the publisher. Acta Linguistica Asiatica2 kokufo Most of the dictionaries are so derivative of each other, with nearly kokug definitions found in dictionary after dictionary, that one wonders whether copyright protection means anything at all in the case of dictionaries in Japan.

Shin Meikai kokugo jiten – Wikipedia

Japanese dictionaries Lexicography Sanseido books. In my experience as a translator of contemporary Japanese, though, I have found Koujien less useful than Daijirin. Another frustration is in the etymologies. I haven’t done a systematic check, but I have noticed that I jten less annoyed by unhelpful definitions than I was with the fourth edition. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Stroke count lookup sounds like you are using a paper dictionary!

Often I’ve found that Daijirin best hits the mark, nailing a word’s meaning precisely where others miss.

This dictionary seems in many ways a clone of Daijirin. While some of the smaller kokugo dictionaries are little more than word lists, there are many that strive to pack as many whizzbang gimcracks as possible into their limited pages. This dictionary is a bit difficult to categorize, for it is larger than the other dictionaries in this group aboutheadwords on pages compared to around 60, entries on to pages for the typical smaller kokugo dictionary and because its entries are kpkugo longer and place more emphasis on real-life, rather than invented, citations.

According to Sanseido, all the editions have collectively sold over 19, copies. List of Japanese dictionaries. Withheadwords in its original volume edition, this is the largest kokugo dictionary ever published. Because it gives definitions in historical order, it is the best single-volume choice for people interested in how the meanings of words have changed over time. Often the information I needed could be found in Daijirin.

In addition to a wide range kokuggo general vocabulary, it also includes large numbers of proper names, dialect words, and other entries not found in smaller general-purpose dictionaries.