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As in the previous chapter, we consider the case where the researcher is interested in predicting the sales price of a house with a lot size of square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and one storey.

Rather, we will take it as given that econometrics involves learning about something unknown e. As we will discuss in subsequent chapters, there are special techniques in many cases for calculating the posterior odds ratio directly. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. The Bayesian litera- ture on noninformative priors is too voluminous to survey here. In a model eocnometrics autocorrelated bagesian see Chapter 6, Section 6.

Posterior simulation is the predominant method of Bayesian computation. In many empirical contexts, this may be a nice way of expressing the approximation error implicit in Monte Carlo integration. Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books. It is worth digressing and noting that noninformative priors tend to be improper in most models.

Bayesian Econometrics

These priors were partly introduced because they are useful in many empirical settings. The myriad of possible priors and likelihoods make it difficult to construct a Bayesian computer package that can be used widely.

These are see Greeneor any other frequentist econometrics textbook which uses matrix algebra: Unfortunately, there is not a simple analytical formula for these posterior features which can be written down and, hence, posterior simulation is required. As we shall see in the next chapter, direct calculation of the marginal likelihood can be difficult.


The interested reader is referred to Poirier or Greene Topics covered in the book include the regression model and variants applicable for use with panel datatime series models, models for qualitative or censored data, nonparametric methods and Bayesian model averaging.

Zellner and Min is also an important reference in this field.

For one or at most two dimensional features of interest, graphical methods can be a quite effective way of presenting empirical results. Economertics was simple to do since the latter density was Normal. This density is referred to as an importance function. That is, in most cases it is reasonable to use the same prior for parameters which are the same in each model i.

How sensitive is the Bayes factor?

For such models, the Savage-Dickey density ratio is almost always easy to calculate by using a step like 4. For instance, with the CES production function in 5. Compare the accuracy of the estimates across different algorithms and choices for vq.

Predictive inference can be carried out using 2. Set the intercept to 0, the slope coefficient to 1. In this section, some of the discussion proceeds at a completely general level, with the prior simply denoted by p y,hand some of the discussion uses a prior which was noninformative for the linear regression model: MCMC diagnostics are described which can be used to ensure that these two problems are overcome.

SGPE: Bayesian Econometrics – Gary Koop

This is formalized in the following definition. Accordingly, bzyesian contains any non-data information available about 9. Normal Linear Regression with Other Priors 65 There are many other posterior simulators which have this property. This is a very undesirable feature which makes many Bayesians reluctant to use posterior odds based on 2 To be mathematically precise, we should let them go to zero at the same rate. Introduction to Probability and Statistics B. Accordingly, in addition to discussing computation in detail in the ecobometrics itself, the website associated with the book contains MATLAB programs for performing Bayesian analysis in a wide variety of models.


Of course, if a higher degree of accuracy is desired, the researcher can increase Si. However, not every posterior mean based on the informative prior lies between the prior mean and the OLS estimate see results for p i. The Savage-Dickey density ratio is potentially applicable in a wide variety of applications and, hence, we derive the essential ideas using general notation before applying it to the regression model.

If neither Monte Carlo integration nor Gibbs sampling is easy, but a convenient approximation to the posterior suggests itself, then importance sampling is a sensible choice.

An Overview of Bayesian Econometrics. To motivate the simplicity of the Bayesian approach, let us consider two ran- dom variables, A and B.

In other words, the Bayesian would replace B by 9 and A by y in 1. We do this partly since the natural conjugate prior may not baysian reflect the prior information of a researcher in a particular application.

Repeat Bayseian 8 for different choices of N and h to investigate the role of sample size and error size in Bayesian estimation, model comparison and prior sensitivity for the Normal linear regression model.

Kelley Pace No preview available – Are the results presented in the text robust to reasonable changes in economtrics prior? Note also that the posterior standard deviations using the informative prior are slightly smaller than those using the noninformative prior.

For instance, in Figure 2. The concept of a highest posterior density interval was introduced.