I will be coaching a limited number of students in You can contact me by . My goal is to help the community side of daygame here, not the business. Such blogs are still valuable moral support for guys near your level. Here’s my flags in order of collection. In all cases there was full vaginal sex.

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The crone shook her head impatiently. Hi, I was looking around the blog, in Daygame Beginner krausr can see you talk about looks and fashion.

But it is only for certain men. Sandwich Artist February 5, at Should I somehow change my mindset and focus on my girlfriend and start a family with her? Direct Day Game For Beginners.

Seriously, I should be bundling in a membership card to the Secret Society!

Romanian 19yr old part one: But I found it necessary. For example, he takes a shine to a washerwoman employed at an inn where he has his rooms.

This phase gives detailed advice on how to progress the girl along either route until she has agreed a time and place to meet you.

Although I have my issues with these 2 guys their politicsI respect their Game. Taleb is kind enough to structure the book where he explains everything in the beginning and then dedicates the rest of the text to proving each point.


Jimmy peered over her shoulder as if expecting to see the tops of the street of Monaco or the view from the balcony of the Metropole. Pre-game — English only until I graduated — Japanese many times.


Not by saying something different, but by saying something in a different way. I helped him build his Twitter following over 5 years ago before my original Twitter account got sacked by Twitter due to a bunch of feminists reporting my stuff. Justin Wayne September 16, at 9: I focus more on the sexual energy though and and try to chuck in some attraction spikes if krauaer and then start cracking onto her, verbalise intent straight away.

They then get selected by the Party to be a candidate and helicopter dropped onto a local constituency. Paul August 6, at It would be a lot easier to understand if you just gave a few example lines of what to say during each stage of the interaction.

I personally find that being indirect like yad can pu backfires if the girl is manipulative while being blunt takes big ass balls.

FAQ | Krauser PUA

I do not delegate coaching. Same with girls I meet in other countries… Fast escalations. After years bedding women, thousands of interactions on the streets from London to Istanbul to Rio De Janeiro, I have finally deconstructed the process. It was give and take.


He is clearly well krauaer and knowledgable on societal and philosophical matters, most appropriate for female conversation. I caught a heavy flu. You can then draw upon your mythology to create an Assumption Story about her The Stack that will encourage her to enjoy the conversation and wish to keep talking Hook Point.

So…Do Krauser PUA & Steve Jabba Have A Feud Going On? – PUA Lifestyle

The Shit Talking Shit Tester. City Daygame — Three mid-thirties Brits living in London and forming a mini-rat pack for pick-up. Mostly in the perspective of a central character who begins the story having ,rauser a recently murdered corpse without having a solid alibi himself. How can you be racist against so-called minorities, including blacks, yet you game, pick up and sleep with scores of black African women in England [Krauser that is], you favor Mexican women and those of Keauser America.

You cannot believe the freedom I enjoy.