The Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo, or Kunzang Monlam, is good to say during earthquakes, a solar or lunar eclipse, at the Solstices or the end of the. A Buddhist discussion forum on Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.. The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo. Image:|frame|The Primordial Buddha Samantabhadra)] Prayer of Kuntuzangpo (Tib. ཀུན་བཟང་སྨོན་ལམ་, Kunzang.

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Earthquakes are uncannily unnerving even if you get through unscathed, been through some big ones myself. From that wavering there arises a separation of self And the perception of others as enemies. Instead relax in the natural state and achieve the wisdom of clarity! My emanations will continuously manifest In billions of unimaginable ways, Appearing in forms to help you beings who can be trained.

I, Kuntuzangpo, am the original Buddha of all, And through this prayer of mine May all you beings who wander in the three realms of samsara Realize this self-arising Awareness, And may your great wisdom spontaneously increase! May you achieve the wisdom of unobstructed action!

Bodhicitta will bring you to Buddhahood. In self-arising consciousness, free of thoughts, There is neither solid form nor the five poisons. Thanks for posting this.


Both kinds of unawareness are the basis for the delusion of all beings.

May you recognize your own Intrinsic Awareness. Realizing just this, you are a Buddha; Not realizing this, you are a being wandering in samsara. When the fruition of this karma ripens, you will be born in the God Realms And experience the suffering of change and falling to lower rebirths.

Let your consciousness kuntuzanglo in its own natural state, Then your Awareness will be able to hold its own.

During a solar or lunar eclipse, during an earthquake or when the praeyr rumbles, At the solstices or the new year, you should visualize Kuntuzangpo. I pray that all you beings of the three realms May realize the true meaning of the inexpressible Ground.

However life is short, and intelligence is limited, so it’s hard to cover them completely. When prrayer mind becomes full of pride There will arise thoughts of competition and humiliation.

And also, I was wondering if anyone knows, there is a Samantabhadra who is a bodhisattva as well, I believe he features a lot in the Flower Ornament Sutra.

Then your Awareness will be able to hold its own. And also, I was wondering if anyone knows, there is a Samantabhadra who is a bodhisattva as well. Then the emotions of the five poisons develop — The actions of these emotions are endless.


Dharma Wheel

Thanks as well for the Adi Buddah Samantrabhadra quotes. Definitely perfect for the devastation in Nepal. Being thus unmindful of what occurs is delusion — The very state of unawareness and the cause of going astray.

Just relax in ease, then consciousness can hold its own natural state.

The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo: – Dharma Wheel

Through the arising power of the five wisdoms The sixty wrathful Herukas manifest. Likewise, a common corpse is found in the bed of a great scholar. Contentment is the ultimate wealth; Detachment is the final happiness. Prayrr you for posting it here!

Through my compassionate prayer May all of you beings who wander in the three realms of samsara Escape from the six life forms! From this delusive state comes a sudden fainting away And then a subtle consciousness of wavering fear. Even though the three realms were to be destroyed, there is no fear. I am payer Primordial Buddha here to train the six kinds of beings Through all my manifestations. IOW, is there a tradition of reciting it daily?