Mr. Martin-Bittman — whose original name was Ladislav Bittman — joined the Czech intelligence service out of university in as tensions. One of the most important Czechoslovak Cold War defectors, Ladislav Bittman, died in his atelier in Rockport, Massachusetts, on Tuesday night. Ladislav Bittman has helped us understand an important dimension of Soviet behavior. Now that we are aware of this significant element, the evi- dence more .

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Soviet disinformation operatives know that a single covert action, however precisely designed, cannot tip the balance of power between the Western Alliance and the Communist bloc.

The Burgess-Maclean-Philby-Blunt case, a classic example of successful Communist infiltration of Great Britain, was aided by the reluctance of ladisllav British Foreign Office’s elite to admit that any of its members could betray their country. Most Popular in metro Right Arrow.

On the other hand, it gives the Soviets a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the elite of the satellite services, analyze their strengths and weeknesses, and, above all, mea- sure their political ladislzv. It influenced several newspapers ideologically and financially In Mexico bittmqn Uruguay and even owned one Brazilian political journal until [ April Carl Wittig, agent of the Third Reich, agent of oadislav Czech- oslovakia, agent of the United States, agent of West Germany, Communist Czechoslovakia, and East Germany, lived as a parasite on East-West hostili- ties, switching his loyalties several times to take advantage of momentary financial rewards.

He left Czechoslovakia in ladisalv a large wave of expelled Germans and settled in Bavaria. Business, Science, and Technology. Ladislav published several books which make interesting reading. An article published by Time magazine on February 6,analyzed the comparative strength and weaknesses of Soviet and American intelligence operations and listed KGB, Czechoslovak, and Polish organizations among the ten major services in the world.


In the months that followed, the leftist Latin American press used the name Thomas A. Get to Know Us.

Ladislav Bittman has helped us understand an important dimension of Soviet behavior. Shortly after his recruitment, he was assigned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow and continued supplying the U. Of course, Soviet intelligence operatives among the participants are expertly disguised ldislav the mask of American civil liberties.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman, who spread disinformation as a spy before teaching at BU, dies at 87

Violation of the elementary rule of professional secrecy seemed ladiwlav unprofessional to both of us. The first to attack was the Bulgarian press in reports that forces of reaction in Czechoslovakia were actively preparing a counterrevolution.

This action, in turn, leads to an exchange of charges and accusations between the adversary and the unwitting agent, to the advantage of the operator. Love Affair with Tferror 10, Thrget: A charming conversationalist, Bogomolov easily mixed with a crowd of Western politicians, journalists, or artists and attracted their attention because of his intelligent and witty remarks rather than his official label as a Soviet representative.

Monitoring the activities of several prominent agents was part of my job.

Latin America, with strong anti- American sentiments, was particularly fertile and responsive to East Euro- pean provocations. Infor example, the First Directorate of the Czechoslo- vak Ministry of Interior foreign laadislav blackmailed one of the top operatives in Austrian counterintelligence. According to General G. Many decisions of serious consequences for the defense of Western Europe and the United States were based on deliber- ately distorted information by Soviet intelligence experts.


With administrative offices in every city and operatives occupying positions in the regular police, army, government, factories, universities, and mass media, it effectively controls the whole Soviet structure. Ten years later, inBittman was transferred into the newly formed disinformation department, an umbrella section for operations ranging from political and economic to military disinformation.

Full text of “The KGB and Soviet Disinformation by Ladislav Bittman”

The Soviets conduct active measures in two major categories. Military rank, high salaries, access to lsdislav currency, and early retirement are KGB privileges enjoyed by very few other professionals in the Soviet Union. I am particularly pleased that our participation in the affair was kept secret and that the Administration did not have to make any public denials. Sign up for more newsletters here. Time, 23 Junep. Another agent who helped the Russians with their atomic bomb was British nuclear physicist Bittmxn Fuchs, who was sentenced in to fourteen years in prison.

The military type of covert action goes beyond dissemination of mis- leading messages, however. After learning about the Soviet military invasion of Czechoslovakia in the morning hours of August 21,1 made the decision to defect.