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I just love it. Note that we arrived at 4 p. What is it with that pressure we put on ourselves? Where the toughest question was if, in addition to working full-time, writing full-time, doing promotional tours, and mothering a small child, I had any hobbies.

I have to go back to Matera just to have more. Notice the blue sweater and the heavy, double-layered fall skirt that I bought especially for this fall trip?

You are entirely welcome cioccolat have this playing while you read the rest of this post. I Failed this Question. Some things we might talk about: No entry into any actual building besides the Renaissance one we were ciocccolato in was possible. On the plus side, I might just look like the Dufus of Vampires, but Giulia could totally be ready to take over the Non-Vampire World in a classy, elegant, vampiric way.

I originally thought I was going to at least get to pretend I was the author in this First Grade Event, since that was why I was invited, but, in what is Highly Typical Fashion for Authorial Moments of Glory, I have been shunted off in favor of certain first-graders who want to be the author, instead.

What do you think? Does it sound exciting or scary?


Most of them, therefore, had rather quirky bathrooms and some very labyrinthine layouts, but I am enjoying that, not complaining. I even posed on the Ponte Vecchio, because, of course, of the SONG that you are supposed to be listening to right now. A beautiful spot to be, no complaints. Look at the shower. See previous posts for more photos. So…stay tuned for some glimpses of bonbons. But sometimes ladda go on tour.

In a town where AD cipccolato are so common nobody even bothers protecting them, you have to ask that kind of question.

Ladra di cioccolato

cioccolati Of the vaulted ceilings and luxurious bed that Ladra di Cioccolato was sleeping in last post.

We went into one old cave-monastery with frescos from the second, fifth, and eight century AD, just for an example. Look at some of these flavors: Even half-covered by restoration work, this is one of the most amazing churches I have ever seen. I mean, it looks like this: This was one of the places I never managed to get to in my posts about the trip last year. Here I am, preparing to go on my first live television interview, for RAI, less than twenty-four hours after landing in Italy.

Not to thank her for the nice review, oh, no. Even for incredible hot chocolate. And just go ahead and believe me.

Ladra di Cioccolato – Laura Florand

I have one thing to say: Interview with June Ross of the blog Immergiti in un mondo…rosa. Also, probably there were, like, 0. Lunch in a piazza with some of the guests and organizers of the Festival. More later on that hotel.

Ladra di cioccolato : Laura Florand :

And then, while the rain poured down, it was time to try to get some sleep for the next big day! Then I got three more flavors. And the mirrors have no lights. So many generous, friendly people who welcomed me and worked hard to make the tour a wonderful experience. Ha, ha, I was thinking this would be the most laid-back of the interviews, when I ladrra it on the schedule, ldara little did I know that videotape of me interviewing in Italian was waiting for me.


It probably grated terribly on her migraine, but she was just too nice to tell. Where I got to Sleep In, it being Sunday and a day off. Lions but not tigers and laera, sorry Italian Chocolate A Day in the Life of An International Author Tour, or why they usually recommending capping your minutes of fame at fifteen minutes Gelato well, what did you expect from me in Italy?

And lots of chocolate, which I have always believed combines perfectly with Ibuprofen to offset migraines. But I got a chance to meet so many wonderful people on the Italy tour and have such beautiful experiences, that I did want to acknowledge a few more of them. I thought in a room like that, I was probably supposed to sleep on the floor, myself. All this ice cream made me very nostalgic for my absolute top ice-cream place in Paris.

By the way, lafra I ever read another scene where somebody bathes in the Fontana da Trevi, I will throw the book out a window.

OK, seriously, look at this bathroom.