Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister. Lajja (Shame) is the live depiction of the ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh. The Dutta family living in Bangladesh all their lives refused to live the country in spite of. Directed by Dayal Acharya. With Haradhan Bannerjee, Raja Chatterjee, Dipankar Dey, Rajatabha Dutta.

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On the contrary, his sister Maya is engrossed in nursing their father back xhame health. The story itself was pretty ordinary with lame dialogue and a lot of repetition. Kironmoyee, Maya, and Shammima Begum are all compelled to behave as per the patriarchal norms, wherein Nasrin aims at highlighting the situation of women belonging to minority community of Hindus in Bangladesh, who had to go through a tough phase during the demolition of Babri Masjid in India.

However, there are certain aspects of writing which make the book less appealing. View all 34 lajua. Despite his best efforts, Suranjan could not find Maya.

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By the way of story, Taslima Nasrin puts up an ideological debate about how secularism is an essential tenet of democracy and how a minority community – Hindus in Bangladesh – is undermined in every way possible when a particular lakja – Islam – is christened the national religion and how that essentially changes the thinking of the people. The expression is of dread, and one dare say, of hope.

However, it was Kironmoyee’s Very heartbreaking with its in the face account of ‘communal terrorism’ Nasrin’s word for communal riots in Bangladesh. Mulai kini biarlah rumah ibadah menjadi akademi seni, sekolah seni rupa, balai diskusi sains. May 21, Book’d rated it liked it. Umat Islam di Bangladesh, melakukan pembalasan ke umat hindu di negaranya. Hanya manusia yang punya ras dan kelompok.


Lajja: Shame | Taslima Nasrin | Book Review

You have reached the maximum number of selection. The Duttas – Sudhamoy, Kironmoyee, and their two children, Suranjan and Maya – have lived in Bangladesh all their lives. Almost half the sha,e goes to listing every incidence of riot that ever occurred in Bangladesh — naming city and number of people killed, women raped and temples destroyed there.

I mean, can you freaking believe that? I basically skimmed through it after 50 pages or so. Sebelum membaca buku ini aku sudah baca beberapa reviewnya, jadi sudah dapat memperkirakan isinya, tapi tetap masih penasaran untuk membacanya. The book torments you, makes you introspect the purpose of religion. How Secularism and Special privilege to certain religion is co-exist anyhow.

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Untuk beberapa waktu, rakyat di negeri itu, hidup rukun dalam perbedaan Hindu dan Islam. Orang-orang Bengali Timur ini hendak mendirikan sebuah negara yang lebih lajha. Audible Download Audio Books. Back home, I asked shamw mother what was Lajja, and she said: Nove Membaca novel ini bikin capek hati If you are a new user Register login.

Perubahan yg radikal juga terjadi pada Sudhamoy. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Namun, karena persoalan agama Hindu dan Islam yang terus-menerus meminta korban jiwa, maka lalu kelompok Islam memisahkan diri menjadi Pakistan yang sekarang.

It is heart shattering to see a woman who has kept her family together for so long to lose it all to despair. Do Hindus born for suffering just because they worship idols which is a harmless practice.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is the book which made the author a household name in India after she had to leave her whame Bangladesh post this book started being talked about everywhere.


To quote from the text:. Maybe I am just not the right audience. The family is never safe thereafter as they keep receiving threatening through anonymous extortion letters that aimed at kidnapping Maya again. Lajja dalam bahasa Bangladesh berarti malu, dan kalimat yg menjadi kuncinya adalah ” Biarlah agama berganti nama menjadi kemanusiaan “.

She’s a great lady and a ,ajja writer. When societal institutions like religion, state, family and society that should provide conducive and safe environment for people in general and women in particular irrespective of their religious backgrounds turn against them, the situation becomes rather abysmal. Why being Hindu is crime in Bangladesh. Sudhamoy puts his family at stake for what he believes and it aggravated me so much to read the book through his lens.

Mob behaviour has nothing to do with religion. Kata “lajja” dalam bahasa Bengali berarti “malu”. Numerous tales of heroic women killing themselves rather than succumbing to sexual assault are very much a part of Bangladeshi folk culture.

Penguin publishers are pretty spread out in the west. A devastating account of the demolition of Babri Masjid in India and its inhumane reverberations in the lives of millions of Hindus in Bangladesh.

Like Liked by 2 people. I had answered correctly: Tapi bila dicermati hal ini sebenarnya ditujukan buat pemeluk agama apapun yang fanatik berlebihan sehingga menghalalkan segala cara bahkan melanggar ajaran agamanya sendiri.

Thus, it is not easy to protest in a country like Bangladesh simply because it may provoke the ire ahame the mullahs representing a closed, patriarchal mindset. Exchange offer not applicable.