Cartoon History of the Universe Volumes [Larry Gonick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cartoon History of the universe vol an. Why begin earlier than the birth of the universe? Includes the evolution of life on earth, the origin of sex, the first humans, the early civilizations of the Middle East, . Volumes 14 – From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance. Includes pre- Islamic Arabia, the life of Muhammad and spread of Islam, history of Africa before .

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Cartoon History of the Universe 1 Vol.

The Cartoon History of the Universe by Larry Gonick | : Books

The title of the book is very misleading in this regard. Much A fascinating journey from the big bang, to the dinosaurs and evolution, to the beginnings of man and civilization; culminating in discussions of Greece. Gonick takes us on a trip from the beginning of the universe, to Alexander the Great, with a satirical undertone that would make even the most stony-faced man chuckle.

Sep 08, Dawn Livingston rated it it was ok Shelves: He reports both the greatness of human achievement and acknowledges humanity’s savagery. Lucu tanpa mengurangi logika. Guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Gonick’s emphasis on sex is roughly equivalent to the emphasis given in the primary source texts with which he is dealing, the biblical texts certainly being no exception.

I was thinking, “this would have been nice to read when I was 12” many times throughout the book because it covers a lot of the material I drudged through in public school middle school age Some of these primary sources are national epics, cultural writings, or holy scripturessuch as Homer ‘s Iliadthe Rig Veda of India, and the Bible.

It condenses a lot of information into just a few pages, yet strikes the perfect balance between details and brevity.


gonkck I was looking to expand my knowledge about world history, and this book is an immense help in building a solid mind-map for the same. The diversity of his interests, and the success with which his books have met, have together earned Gonick the distinction gonik being “the most well-known and respected of cartoonists who have applied their craft to unravelling the mysteries of science” Drug Discovery Today, March I’m definitely going to continue the series as well as seek out the books Gonick recommends in his bibliography.

Cartoon History of the Universe 1

Personally, I have already used some of this knowledge in my classes, and it is one of the things that made me choose the honors path for history. He is a cartoonist who is best known for this series of books, which were published in installments from to If you are a baboon who has never read history and wants a book with silly jokes and cute pictures, read this.

In his effort to make history engaging Have you ever wondered about history, but find textbooks too dense and boringto read? I am not sure how much of it is accurate.

Instead, Gonick fleshes out history into a long yarn, injecting characterization into historical personages, continually reporting gory anecdotes, and focusing on quirky details—all backed up by research—to enliven his subject. Return to Tge Page. I don’t know what it says about me that this book counts as one of my major comfort books.

People tend to remember funny things better than boring ones. Seolah diajak meloncat-loncat di era tersebut. In addition to being a straight though unusual history, The Cartoon History helps readers understand historical cause and effect —how gonock past relates to the present.

Fantastic imagery and lovely writing. British “comic” on human history, from the Big Bang up to Alexander’s conquest.

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The Cartoon History of the Universe II by Larry Gonick | : Books

From the big bang, evolution, the rise and fall of many civilizations. To which the reply is “Well, actually, Mount Carmel is right next to the sea, which, even during the most prolonged drought would have no shortage of water which, though undrinkable, would nonetheless have sufficed for Elijah’s purposes well enough. When Gauls are depicted, not only do they often resemble Goscinny and Uderzo’s characters Asterix and Obelixbut when Gonick treats the Gallic invasion of Italy — BCEthe characters, along with Vitalstatistixappear unmistakably Vitalstatistix is transported on a shield, Asterix pummels a Roman soldier, etc.

View all 3 comments. The Cartoon History of the Universe: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Engaging, easy to read, easy to pick back up after long pauses, and just all-around wonderful.

The Cartoon History of the Universe II

Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 18, Kareem Adel rated it it was amazing.

Larry Gonick born is a cartoonist best known for The Cartoon History of the Universe, a history of the world in comic book form, which he has been publishing in installments since Cartokn volume or chapter begins with a one- or two- panel introduction. Other books in the series. His use of drawings helps get his points across more easily, as does the injection of humor.

The illustration of a fish jumping out of a cartoin page really helped me remember that the philosopher Anaximander thought that people were descended from fish. I found it to be fabulously helpful along these lines with respect to Herodotus.