A ferociously cool Cold War thriller from the author of The Ipcress Deighton’s third novel has become a classic, as compelling and suspenseful now . (Editor’s note: This is the ninth installment in our ongoing Friday blog series highlighting great but forgotten books. Today’s selection comes. Funeral in Berlin, UK first edition now – see photo) on the first editions has a photo of Len Deighton and Michael Caine from The Ipcress File movie shoot.

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The movie is very different, and is in some ways better than the book. Multiple points of view In a technical development over the previous two novels, some of the chapters take the perspective of characters other than the main narrator. Cars Quite a lot of driving around.

The cocktail cabinet was in the corner. I play chess pretty well so was mildly interested in some of them, but they added nothing to my enjoyment and, as far as I could see, nothing to the meaning of the story so, like the horoscopes, I learned to ignore them The plot The same unnamed, first-person narrator from The Ipcress Filesame boss — Dawlish — as in Horsesame secretary and staff in the same dingy Charlotte Street office.

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A funeral is duly arranged, with a casket and a body within; but this is just the first move in an increasingly deadly game of chess. Convoluted, intermittently fascinating and sometimes moving, but not very gripping. However, in no case is there any promise given that a book will be the subject of an endorsement or review, either positive or negative. Occured to me that this is one of the important existential novels of the sixities. Leave a comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In fact Deighton begins each chapter with a short sentence of two from a chess manual r I leave for Germany, including five nights in Berlin, day after tomorrow.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Silas commissioned Jim Prettyman to be the middle-man and instructed him to murder the actual assassin, Thurkettle.

He has not returned to England apart from some personal visits and very few media appearances, his last one since being a interview which formed part of a “Len Deighton Night” on BBC Four.

Quotes from Funeral in Berlin. But it soon becomes obvious that this isn’t quite what is going on – why, for example, are those involved so insistent that the scientist’s fake papers should be in a particular name when any would do for what they are claiming to want them for?

It is, in truth, pretty complex and only on the second or third reading – as with all of this series – does everything start to fit together.

Jan 25, Sairam Krishnan rated it really liked it. Rap Sheet logo by David Middleton. Inside the semi-precious light of the stained glass softly dusted the smooth, worn pews, and a complex of brass candlesticks glinted like a medieval oil refinery.

If you like this, be sure to check out his stuff featuring Bernard Samson – they are masterpieces. The plot is sinuous, and much is left to implication – many of the key plot points aren’t explicit, and personally I like this, with the onus on the reader to join the dots.

Funeral in Berlin

John Le’ Carre, here I come again! A prisoner would sometimes even confess to having at one time – for a short while – been a Jew. Because it is the main focus of the Bernard Samson novels, Berlin might appear to be something of an obsession with Deighton.

Return to Book Page. This is what I’ve always liked about Deighton’s work, and a styl As ever with Len Deighton, this rattles along at a good old pace, but rush it at deighon peril.

I tried to find information on why the movie plot was alter so much but came up empty. This book re-acquaints us with all the well-loved characters from the previous stories, in a plot ostensibly about smuggling a KGB colonel out from the Funreal, but is really about who knows the truth — and who is trying to cover up — the real cause of the Fiona-escape debacle.


Handsome capable men defeat baddies, bed willing dollybirds, berllin to drive fast cars and play with guns. Ovviamente Britannia rules, ma va bene lo stesso. Oct 04, George K.

Not a poor book, with a story the reader can follow and attempt to piece together – funerall least partly. Alternate book cover 5 10 Aug 09, Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. He briefly resided in Blackrock, County Louth in Ireland.

The red-cloaked Horse Guards sat motionless clutching their sabres and thinking of metal polish and sex.

Ch 15 The funerxl works better and the disconnected, angular style is, initially at least, less impenetrable than in The Ipcress File.

Len Deighton’s nameless protagonist is more charming than James Bond, just as smart as George Smiley and as cynical as a bullet in the back.

Funeral In Berlin by Len Deighton () | Books & Boots

But those above him who matter recognise his talents and our understated friend demonstrates, even to the doubters, that the art of the spy is deception, and he has got that down to a tee, ha ha. Our hero is tasked with arranging the defection of a Sov This is the third of Len Deighton’s “nameless hero” books, although they can also be referred to as the “Harry Palmer” books, after Michael Caine’s portrayal of the narrator. Before he began his writing career he worked as an illustrator in New York and, inas an art director in a London advertising agency.

We are introduced to one of the great villains, Colonel Stok, who is playing his own game of chess with the West.