I just got this effect by Liam Montier and I think it’s awesome! It’s a self-working mental card routine based on a short story by Roald Dahl! I forgot. Henry Sugar by Liam Montier – Liam Montier – Henry Sugar PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download,Gimmick not included. magic tricks forum – Henry Sugar, by Liam Montier £10 from http://www. The Effect. This is a mentalist card trick.

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Each time the magician getting it correct.

Henry Sugar by Liam Montier – $ :

Download your magic to any device, including our free iPad app. He takes a deck of cards, and is just about to shuffle them when he thinks better of it, and hands them to the spectator to shuffle.

The basic plot of the story is that Henry Sugar finds a manuscript that states that you can use mental yoga techniques to, amongst other things see things without your eyes. The principle at work here is not new by any means, but it is utilized in a clever way and it works very well.

The magician can turn around at that point and — yes, with enough concentration. Bought it on Bananafish’s recommendation in the above review This is by way of a thank you from us for your faith in our product.

Return to Archived Reviews – ehnry closed. Mntier tags are not allowed. And this is one such item. Every item is carefully selected under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. This is strong and devious enough that I hope to perform it in front of other magicians sometime at my local magic society.


I’m glad this effect is going down well, it’s my baby at the moment!

Henry Sugar by Liam Montier

Henry Sugar by Liam Montier. Interested in Henry Sugar? It’s a self-working mental card routine based on a short story wugar Roald Dahl! Jamie, Does this apply to everyone? Be sure to focus your comments on the product. While they don’t offer any guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days.

The magician will then attempt to reveal the card. And in the second phase, keep your back completely turned!

I purchased Henry Sugar today.


Ok, so the scene is set — the magician claims that they have seen the manuscript, and have had a certain amount of success with the mental yoga techniques involved. Thanks Steve, I’m glad you liked the effect. BTW I sugr to someone who said has seen Heirloom in action, he thinks it may have been you or Colin who performed it at a mentalist convention in the UK?

He WILL name the card. Four-Sight By Syd Bergson. Very smart effect, I loved it!

Henry Sugar ($) – Liam Montier – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work. I have had this for enough time to be able to practice it and use it in a couple of parlour performances and it absolutely floored everyone because it is so clean and very direct.

I highly recommend it. Hi JoJo, Yeah new. I am very pleased with it. Tangled Web by Eric Mead. There is a reason for that – the material available on this site is top-notch because Andi, Joshua and the rest of the crew really do sift through a lot to try and pick what they believe is some of the very best material. Board index All times are UTC.


Sugsr my opinion they do a great job at it, especially since it is a wild guessing game. Yet again, he gets it right, three times out of three.

So now the magician is feeling confident, and suggests that he will try with a non court card. Steve Dela Special user U.

He takes a deck of cards, and is just about to shuffle them when he thinks better of it, and hands them to the spectator to shuffle. Additional links Vanishing Inc. Which, incidently, has been praised by several great performers in the field including Kenton Knepper and Luke Jermay. This effect not only fools lay people but has fooled many knowledgeable Magicians as well. Study and practice meant that Henry was eventually able to see what playing cards were in an opponents hands just by mentally visualising them.

All the best Steve Dela http: Henry Sugar by Liam Montier Price: You may also like: Then for the next few cards, take them off Customer reviews for Henry Sugar.

He then claims that as he is so new to this, he can only do it with very visual cards, ie the court cards. Alexandre, thank you for trying out ol’ Henry.

Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz.