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In most of the places where Ryan is bad, after all, Obama is pretty lousy too. You talk about liberty to everyone who will listen. Even social conservatives and evangelicals within the Tea Party act like libertarians.

The liebral theme is that for the average wage-earning American, we labor for between three and a half and four months out of twelve to satisfy our tax burden. I may not liberwl overwhelmed with Governor Romney’s liberty bone fides, but the idea that he’s “just like Obama” will go a long way to giving us a second Obama term.

All of them are way too cool to be pragmatic. As the Libertarian Project, we believe that our work must be done in a friendly, simple, and humble way. Considering the situation we are in today, the size of government, the level of our debt, the continuous violations of our economic and personal freedoms, free-market advocates should be breathing fire everyday and fight for truly smaller government.


Como siempre, con sus fachas de joven libertino. Mister a-Libertarian-held-the-door-open-so-I-walked-in is there for another key vote. His career as a big-L? I really don’t get the folks rushing to insist that they’ll never vote Trump.

Reason stuns me on Facebook today.

Whether English is your first language, your second, or your nineteenth, you may have experienced trouble with all the words that end in -ough…. Not long ago one of them said he wants “an America with a growing middle class, with rising standards of living, [with] children even more successful than their parents Please don’t saddle the liberty leaders in the state House and Senate with another four years of Hickenlooper.

Reading this, I am about ready to bolt the party. Put me down as a yes for encephalodiemism! Sheer and utter madness. Hey GDyou gettin’ this? Follow her on Twitter NenaToledo. I’m a big fan of Cory Pate at The Party of Choice [watch a libearl vids] who explains that the most effective way to reach people who disagree with you is to find the part of what they believe that you agree with and reinforce it first, before politely and methodically correcting the wrong parts.

I’ve no crystal ball or hot line to pollsters I did get queried by Quinnipiac last night. Get free promotions for your business! What’s the L-cred of this soi disant Randian Econ Professor?


Zwaan wielded a humongous Gadsden flag–yes, the kind of flag commonly seen at Tea Party protests. If you’re an advocacy organization along the lines of the NRA however, you can keep your soul and move policy.


Fairness fatigue setting in I know, I should let it go. But Libergrio was still surprised. Perhaps ‘libertarian Republican’ is third or fourth class.

You might be right, but through a mutual friend, I have discovered quite a vein of people of mixed case Ls. I think Jonathan Coulton is amazing, and I think it was inexcusable for Glee to use what was undeniably his composition without giving him credit, but I doubt very seriously that watching the show either before or after that occurred says much of anything about anybody’s ideological views. This blanket removal of fundamental rights is extremely popular!

Homosexuality used to be outlawed in the Socialist Soviet Union. Without competition, that best provider can get away with providing less than what customers would like as an ideal.

Spanish words that start with libe

To even get close, you have to start counting some people who may not be entirely reliable. He said, and I paraphrase: It did not sound odd to Congressman Polis to say it and it probably did not sound odd to most people to hear it.

Perhaps libertarianism is a stepping stone to a political philosophy that arranges liberty as the deeper principle, but it does not do that itself.