Buy Las intermitencias de la muerte Madrid by Jose Saramago (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Saramago, José Traducción de Pilar del Río. Traducción de: As intermitências da morte.. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener. Download Audiobooks by Jose Saramago to your device. Audible provides Las Intermitencias De La Muerte [The Intermittency of Death] audiobook cover art .

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Update 2 This book is unique. First released in in its original Portuguese, the novel was translated into English by Margaret Jull Costa in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jose Saramago

Jose SaramagoGiovanni Pontiero translator Narrated by: People lose jobs no more jobs for undertakers or gravediggers, and so many others that depended on it. Sep 24, s. Despite it’s focus of death and all, it isn’t quite as heavy as mueete of his novels and will make you laugh at the dark abyss of death as most of this novel is actually darkly humorous.

It is even somewhat comical as it shows the ridiculousness of mierte species when we fear it one moment, but potentially long for it the moment it no longer plagues us. Many of his sentences are written in a style almost akin to stream of consciousness.

Las intermitencias de la muerte by José Saramago

Yes, intermitdncias entirety of the novel does seem a bit fragmented, however its ability to penetrate an issue such as death and its spirited treatment of it deserves high praise. Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.


As in many of his other works, Saramago largely eschews traditional forms of grammar and punctuation. E’ buio pesto in questo mjerte cattivo ma Saramago trova una porticina ed un piccolo spiraglio di luce s’intravede.

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Kimba I am an Aussie who got lost in Lisbon last year and I stumbled into the Saramago museum – completely because I was mesmerised by the style of the buil I am an Aussie intermitencisa got lost in Lisbon last year and I stumbled into the Saramago museum – completely because I was mesmerised by the style of the building. Add to Wish List failed.

In the process, however, she starts to feel love.

Though the traditional sources dw guidance on things like life and death endeavor to discover why people have stopped dying, religious authorities, philosophers and scholars alike can find no answers. The incapacitated are brought over the borders of the country, where they instantly die, as death has not ceased working elsewhere.

However, in an effort to kill more kindly, death will now send a letter to those about to perish, giving them a week to prepare for their ,as. Perhaps it too can be embraced in life. The last third of the novel flashed by me. She announces, through a missive sent to the media, that her experiment has ended, and people will begin dying again.


There are so many surprising turns, so many dark corners of human experience that are uncovered in this free exploration, that are not acknowledged by any other writer.

Knjiga mjeseca – Smrt i njeni hirovi 21 83 Jul 17, Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. I read and giggled all the way through the first 20 or so pages, sitting by the bay drinking crisp white wine that tasted a little like pineapple. We almost expect to see a grin on her face and the illustrator has kindly left her features blank so that we can fill in that smirk for ourselves. No one writes quite like Saramago. View all 11 comments.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is so unique and imaginative and this book was just a really fun read. So death for example may be saramagl but perhaps intermitnecias is not morbid. Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in It’s deaththe female noun in so many languages, whose whim led to such perturbances in the function of the state and religion and philosophy.

View all 70 comments. The day is normal, nothing seems out of place… except people are not dying anymore.