Sheet Music – £ – Gyorgy Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna, for Voice mixed chorus acappella. Duration: 9 minutes. Published by Edition Peters. Lux Aeterna sheet music – SATB choir (a cappella voice mixed chorus) sheet music by Gyorgy Ligeti: Edition Peters. Shop the World’s Largest Sheet Music. Lux Aeterna () by Gyorgy Ligeti is a single movement composition of about .. It is only by seeing the capital D in the score that one can tell the difference.

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The altos sing in their lowest register throughout block 5. Block 3B employs a subtractive ending in which the singers arrive at a final D at different times and then fade out one by one in accordance to the “morendo” indication. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. It has a simultaneous entry of four soprano voices and one bass voice, which leaves block 5C.

The B pitch is also derived from 5A, altos 1 and 2, bar However, they appear later in other polyphonic sections and act as unifying cells. This technique uses the basses to underscore the entries of the sopranos and altos with blocks 3B and 3C.

The male voices, weterna contrast with the predominantly female texture before, indicate God, who is male as Christ. It is only by seeing the capital D in the score that one can tell the difference between the two. Scorf 1 joins block 5D and therefore leaves the pitch material of ligwti F and A, which were important pitch centers in block 1, are present only below middle C.

They are marked in the examples with horizontal brackets.

The pitches B, A and F cause it to sound like a B 7th chord with no third to indicate whether it is major or minor. In this piece, each of the sixteen voices is given a characteristic subdivision of the quarter-note beat:. Follow to get notified when Shostglass has uploaded new scores.


Lux Aeterna (Ligeti) – Wikipedia

Avoid disclosing contact information email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Block 5C overlaps with block 5D and ends in an unusual way. This effect has been used in orchestration by modern composers as a tension building device. It is the longest single block, lasting 50 bars of the piece’s bar length. The basses then proceed to canonically imi tate the tenor line starting with the word “in” on D natural see Example 5. However, this D comes from the tenor line.

They can also enter simultaneously on the same pitch and then continue with the rest of the melodic line in staggered fashion, thus creating a canonic internal texture following a simultaneous attack.

F becomes a temporary central pitch but within two bars it becomes part of a cluster without any prominent pitch.

The second and third chords have their middle pitches in common. Once block 5D has ended, the low F and G of the altos are the only pitches left in the piece.

Basses 3 and 4, who have the low D, fade out simultaneously.

Lux Aeterna – G.Ligeti

One feels less at ease when harmonic textures contain large gaps in the middle. In bars the area of maximum vertical density of the whole piece is found. It is con structed using strict pitch imitation as ligeeti as word imitation. This article about a classical composition is a stub.

This name will appear next to your review. Another contrast with other polyphonic sections of this piece is that this block begins simultaneously with the same syllable sung with three pitches instead of libeti.

This three note pitch material can be found in the same order in Bass 4, barsand later in all the other voices of block 3A as they arrive to these 3 pitches. Block 5C bars is a static interval with an additive entry and sub tractive ending see Example The A is the most predominant pitch.

The sequence of pitches never changes in this block. This homophonic presentation of the cell is the simplest of the four occurrences. Note that the three most important structural blocks of the piece are 1, 3A and 5A.


Lux Aeterna by Gyorgy Ligeti is a single movement composition of about nine minutes duration for unaccompanied sixteen part mixed choir. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Is it a good teaching tool? The different divisions of the beat are frequently used for pitch changes making it impossible for the listener to pick a steady beat from the music.

Shipping to Montreal, Canada took just over two weeks, but that is only due to distance, customs, and whatnot. After the basses have joined the texture, the harmony becomes very neutralized i. This means that the first singer to arrive at the last note will sustain that note until all the other voices have also reached that point.

Lux Aeterna – sheet music download free in PDF or MIDI

The tenors enter about halfway through this section, singing in the same range as the women. Since not all four voices of block 1 get to sing the last four syllables on the high A due to the simultaneous cut-off, they are enclosed in square brackets in Example 3. There are several occurrences of neighbor motion found in the melodic line. Voice sheet music A Cappella sheet music Ensemble: Examples 3 – The band of sound exceeds two octaves and contains all twelve pitch classes.

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