show first that the evolution of the income distribution in Ecuador has followed dif- LOSCCA” was replaced by the law “Ley Organica de Servicio Publico. Case No (Ecuador) – Complaint date: NOV – Follow-up . the Civil Service and Administrative Careers (LOSCCA) (now the Organic Law on the Civil . Case No (Ecuador) – Complaint date: OCT – Closed .. section 26(d) and (f) of LOSCCA; section 7 of the Judiciary Regulations on Discipline.

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Trabajo y Empleo en Ecuador

I appreciate your support! Look at Honduras, there they too “stood against” the coup but were quick to rehabilitate them as soon as they assumed power.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Yesterday’s events are a new episode of social struggle.

The mutinous troops locca these facts, even requiring the change of losfca leadership of the institution, but never stand for a change of government, for its overthrow and rather seek dialogue, cessation of authoritarian attitudes and to attend their situation.

These demonstrations and protests have also denounced the regime’s position to favor the imperialist oil monopolies, mining, telecommunications, to encourage borrowing, at a disadvantage, to involve the country in Plan Colombia and promote a policy that harms national sovereignty in signing the Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS.

GRACIAS by Jose Antonio Delgado on Prezi

But at present I have no reason to believe the threat from the golpistas are not real, and they must be defeated, not implicitly sided with. Completely rejecting any participation in this movement just because the police plays a major role or even sympathizing with Correa won’t help anybody but the latter. Leaders of organized labor, indigenous, peasant, student, teachers have been arrested, prosecuted and persecuted, are the subject of heinous attacks and slander by a sound and lscca big media campaign that the government controls, calling them “mediocre “” terrorists, “” corrupt “, etc.


The US and Canadians imperialists support Correa: Thanks for the updates. These include his refusal to renew the lease on a key strategic air base used by the US military in Manta, on the Pacific coast. Similar Threads Ecuadorean Coup D’etat? How is any nation supposed to stand up [to] the might of the US anyway? Among these measures are proposals to pay pensions for retired public sector workers in part with government bonds and a reorganization of the work force that is expected to produce ecuadog layoffs.

Committed User Forum Moderator. The mass rescue of progressive President. Cheers for the good Ecuadorean leftists who stood against the right wing, and damn the ultra-left opportunists!

French – Spanish Go to: The behavior of the Hoxhaists during this coup ecuacor outright class treason. Good to see this. An act we must always declare opposition against as top priority. The Hong Se Sun. Mostly Indigenous labor and the general population scuador in losccs to the pigs.

Interim Report – Report No 363, March 2012

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Originally Posted by Barry Lyndon. I tend to agree with most contributions by Mao.

Join Date Jan It must be said, however, that the government preaching that there was a “coup” was a success and confused the public sector in the country and abroad.

East Timor “Failed coup”, thoughts? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It’s hard for me to see a clear picture from over here, but to me it seems like the hoxhaists are acting in an ultra-left fashion. The revolutionaries, communists, workers and peoples, we know that democracy is a conquest of the masses lozcca hundreds of years and that’s why we defend it despite its limitations and exclusions.


Stout drinker Committed User. Certainly not, but as has been noted the Hoxhaists took part in the former government in ecuador, although they did quit after 6 month’s probably realizing Gutierrez wasn’t the “patriot” he seemed. Why socialism failed in CCCP? Originally Posted by Lenin II. Finally, the Committee requests the Government to take the necessary measures to ensure that the trade union dues are immediately returned to the workers and to keep it informed in that regard.

Let the dead bury the dead. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Prison Gates Are Open While the military, even titubientes, expressing their support for President, at the same time, social organizations, democratic forces were added to the combat alert against the coup attempt, and met in front of the Palacio de Carondelet, several interventions encouraged supportersamong which were: At the United Nations, a spokesperson for Ban Ki-moon said the secretary-general “expresses his strong support for the country’s democratic ceuador and elected government,” was concerned about Correa’s physical condition and personal welfare and called on all involved “to resolve the current crisis peacefully, within the rule of law.

Trabajo y Empleo en Ecuador – EcuadorLegalOnline

EPLex Employment protection legislation database. Legislation contrary to trade union independence and the right to collective bargaining; dismissals of trade unionists.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Most of these questions posed by other posters have already been answered here.