Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Daily Affirmation. My mind is my good friend and servant. It awaits my direction on what to think about and focus on. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. Written by Louise Berlay, narrated by Barry J. Peterson. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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It’s key because I AM is the reason the law works in the first place. How can anyone rely on the law then? Like a business expert maybe has legitimate knowledge, but only his businesses succeed 8 out of 10 times.

My issue is with the fact that Neville used it as an louse of the law working, when it did not reflect that. Its your every right to disagree with me. Whatever I need to know comes to me from the God self within me. Another person told me that maybe Neville had his own set of values and probably didn’t want the man to hate his skin color but to instead exist with it and be loved regardless.

Doesn’t sound like grounds to me. The part about Louise, not so much.

Louise Berlay

Please, someone explain how it relates to his teachings instead of why it is offensive or not. I steadfastly behold the joy of the answered prayer. Moreover, with your story, maybe Louise raised her son more ‘girly’ since she wanted a daughter and encouraged activities more typically associated with girls? And yes we can agree to disagree.

Honestly, I’m here to help others and uplift, which if you read more Neville or LOA in general, you would know how much damage you are doing to yourself right now.

Now THIS makes sense to me. I only spend time with those it feels great to be around. We hope you enjoy this classic work and benefit for the massive success that Louise did and was willing to share. None of the faults were fixed in post production.

  DIN 276-2 PDF

Preface Greetings dear reader. This is not a rehearsal, Mr. There is nothing to prove, no louuise to impress. Neville does say to go to the end and not mess it up with specifics, so what if Louise saying it must be a daughter is focusing on the means to the end and not actually living in the end?

Louise Berlay and Neville Mark : NevilleGoddard

This is a day of beauty and of Light as all that is not Love dissolves away from my Being and I am restored to peace. I found Nevilles teachings, and found them very inspirational. I still don’t understand why the two aren’t then equivalent, that is, what is in imagination then gets reflected in the objective world. Louise Berlay and Neville Mark self. You imagine being wealthy, then lose all your money and become a beggar with no food.

But if you want to carry on an argument in private then I do not see the point. In fact, even this situation shows how forward thinking he was. Louise didn’t expect “a baby of any biological gender which enjoyed feminine activities”. Excruciating narration ruins a good book I was exited to see this on audible and purchased it. For anything else other than religion, LOA, this kind of stuff where “belief” is required, you evaluate things based on first reading it and seeing if it makes sense.

I focus on the thoughts and aspects of life that stimulate JOY in me. Louise was intent in having a daughter. That is possible yes.

And on a side note, the boy was so wise. Acknowledge it’s there neutrally So, I do this until the desire is mine If he had said, Louise didnt persist in her intention, therefore she ended up with a boy, I can kind of get that. Out of print for over 30 years, you now have the opportunity to listen to Louise’s stories of her time with Neville and her success in life due to the teaching of one of metaphysics greatest teachers.


From Neville’s perspective he is satisfied that he did get what he put out. In Spirit, there is no size, no comparison, no order of difficulty. Like you said, we don’t know the reason for wanting the daughter. But even after that she wasn’t interested. I can’t pretend I have something physically if I don’t Thanks to the insight of her son Neville, named after the great American Mystic Neville Goddard, we have reprinted the classic and it is now available to all metaphysical students and truth seeker alike.

Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. I used to literally talk to myself and say things like- yes it’s true that so and so is happening and I can see it, but I know better now. Log in or sign up in seconds.

That’s as close as I can come. It should hold true no matter what his point is.

I’m trying to find a set of principles Louiee can follow. You should be word perfect before recording or have the self respect to fix the errors. But if the trainer said “He wanted to lose weight but got fat, yay it worked” That would bother me. My only regret is that the book had to end. Invisible hands reach out to guide and direct me. Publisher’s Summary AudioEnlightenment is pleased to bring back a metaphysical classic by one of Neville Goddard’s top students, Louise Berlay.