Book Review — Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika #3) by R.K. Lilley. March 10 If you love second chance romance, this is a must-read series!. Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika Book 3) Kind of *spoiler* warning: I don’t say much by way of “info” in this review regarding THIS particular. I say to myself, most books have a happy ending. How on earth will Tristan ever redeem himself in Lovely Trigger? Not gonna happen in my book, on my time.

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Any author that can hold the attention of Goodreads like RK Lilley has with this this series deserves recognition. Because logely review has me interested.

Lovely Trigger (Tristan & Danika #3) by R.K. Lilley

I just love R. I loved how, despite all the bad that happened to them, and despite everything that came between them even if those things were sometimes their own actions triggwr, neither of them every truly stopped loving the other.

Yes, that was how I would do it. Did those kinky fucks bring you over to the dark side?

After finally agreeing to being friends again, she realizes how much she has truly missed just being around him. Full of heartache, love, anger, loss, forgiveness. Instead though, I had caused them.

Lovely Trigger

I would have given anything to have that back. Thank you for being you. I stayed up late, I even hid in my work bathroom so no one could interrupt me while reading the ending of lovely trigger. One thing I do know is that the sex scenes are scorching!!


Tristan tries to his luck back to get closer with Danika. I promise to try my hardest to refrain from sending you too many dick pics. The failure was the lesson. I didnt want to cheat myself; just FYI. I was up until 3: I loved this series. If you never read another book in your whole life. The only thing I remember are a couple, the woman works in an art gallery and the guy is inspired magician, and I’m pretty sure it happens in Vegas.

I would have a total fangirl moment if I ever meet her. View all 18 comments. That tritger me nuts. Trivia About Lovely Trigger T Jeez I would love to get my hands on those books. He’s riddled with guilt; for the things that he remembers and the things that he doesn’t recall from his drugged out haze.

Book Review – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley

I loved them all from the moment I met them and I have laughed and cried with them over the the last year. True love was a myth, a misdirection from the solid things in life.

I’d seen them at their best and triggerr their worst, I’d seen them both mature and heal and finally find their way back together. The bed reminded me of a lifestyle. I had no idea their story was so profoundly affecting, so moving. He wants Danika back, and even though she wants nothing more to do with him, his feelings for her have never changed. He’s lost everyone that has ever mattered to him, all because of addiction. It took the time to introduce that sweet, butterfly-inducing crush, and let me soak in it for days, weeks maybe even a month or two.


Book Review – Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley – Maryse’s Book Blog

And I need all of the mistakes that triggre with that kind of vigor. Six years later, they are thrown together at a wedding. And boy was it repeating itself now. For Tristan, the enormity of what happened finally hit him and he was so remorseful and so full of guilt.

They both try to date others, but their hearts are always elsewhere. All I can say is if you walked away with the worst book hangover in life on the last one and crying and not sure if you could go on Saved yourself a lot of heartache waiting for the next one lovdly come out.

Kindle Editionpages. It trigher my favorite. I loved that she had her half-brother now, but some resolution with Dahlia would have been great.

You can contact R. Just from their interaction in Grounded, I already know the hurt is coming. But I choked up 3. I can’t stress how good these books are. I cried tears of happiness and sadness, of heartache and laughter. Song of the series, for rtigger This has been my Tristan and Danika weekend. Things were said, choices made, trust breached, all unforgettable and culminating into horrific consequences that one would expect to be unforgivable.

Looks very interesting would love to read. He ran his nose along my jaw, breathing on me.