Now screenwriter and first-time novelist Faunce allows Borgia to speak for herself in this extravagant first-person narrative of Borgia’s life in late. Lucrezia Borgia, for example, was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and, like just about everyone who grew up at the foot of a throne, her. Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce – book cover, description, publication history.

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What a messed up political mess the church can be sometimes. First of all, there was Lucrezia referring to the cardinal hat as a crimson beanie. Cesare is an egomaniac murdering nutjob. Otherwise it is not for the casual reader or even for those who have adequate knowledge of all the above then it will read as a curiosity of the Borgia regin in Rome. King Ferdinand I of Aragon had a mummy museum of his enemies, Ludovico Sforza poisoned his nephew for the Duchy of Milan, and great artists like Leonardo Da Fauncf and Michelangelo were immortalizing their names in history.

But take out all the crap it was an ok historical fiction story.

Lucrezia Borgia

Pretty extreme for a family spat? He loved his sister and they shared a close bond up until his death. If I were Lucrezia and had constantly been objectified, I would also been utterly materialistic in order to compensate for the state of objectification. Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce. Ana September 10, at 4: Mar 05, Cindy rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 03, Norma rated it it was ok.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Join me again next time for Likely Stories, and happy reading! The author is very talented and the Borgias so fascinating that I kept reading to the end.


Likely Stories: Lucretia Borgia by John Faunce | KWBU

Now screenwriter and first-time novelist Faunce allows Borgia to speak for herself in this extravagant first-person narrative of Borgia’s life in late 15th-century Italy. Her contemporaries painted her as an incestuous, conspiring villainess. He believes Constantine chose Christianity as his religion in order to underline his absolute temporal rule on earth with an absolute theistic rule in heaven.

A great reason for the separation of church from the state.

Ana’s ReviewsItalian HistoryRenaissance. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. I think Faunce draws her well, and I only very rarely found myself reminded that lcurezia author was not in fact, a woman.

Books by John Faunce. Apr 16, Vicky rated it liked it Shelves: This book is Lucrezia Borgia’s version of her own life. Unfortunately, what we ended up with was a historical novel that wanted desperately to be contemporary.

Jun 16, Marika Alexander rated it really liked it Shelves: None of what is told is really new and although I wasn’t expecting new I think I needed a bit more depth. I didn’t care for the long philosophical ruminations and I felt Lucrezia was too much of an enabler. I read a good deal of reviews for this book, most of which were actually terrifying.

Famed for her beauty, she was a valuable pawn in the marriage game, and Alexander VI would use her to create one alliance after another. Jun 06, Samantha Morris rated it did not like it. Cesare was a product of his time, his expedience of killing, his cruelty towards traitors, his ambitions are all Renaissance Italy and few men wielded the garrote and sword for better purpose. But as much as she grew to love Giovanni, Alexander’s shifting alliances made her marry Alfonso who she lusted after because they are both young with jonn energy Cesare has a youthful cockiness of someone who feels entitled.

Jan 08, Erika Williams rated it liked it. Want to Read saving…. It used to be the girl that was raped was to blame not the rapists.


Lucrezia Borgia: John Faunce – Bookish

I recently came across a fiction version of the family, Lucretia Borgia by John Faunce. I mean, the whole plan was her naked body would prove enough of a distraction that she would then have time to kill them. Too many big words interspersed with Greek history and some Greek letters even that I felt was unnecessa Ugh, so glad I am finished.

It’s not as effective, however, for anchoring a historical epic; the political intrigue and scandals tend to run together, narrated in the same relentless pitch of high drama. Her voice in this book is quite witty, realistic and captivating; licrezia of the most entertaining voices of any historical fiction book I’ve read. I found it incredible that Rodrigo was able to thoroughly corrupt and kill many cardinals and other heads of state who did not bow to Pope Alexander VI.

I just couldn’t get into it. From then on, Lucrezia would be unable to escape the political ambitions of her father and her brother, the bloodthirsty Cesare Borgia. Her arranged marriage to Count Giovanni Sforza ends abruptly as Giovanni flees Rome for his life a victim of the pope’s ruthless political maneuvers just bofgia her love for him begins to blossom. History has deemed her a hapless political pawn. Cesare was pitiless ambition but he was also not heartless. Cesare Borgia grew to age in a world of intrigue and few books take into account his surroundings when casting him as an irredeemable psychopath.