Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Hornbacher, who detailed her struggle with bulimia Madness: A Bipolar Life – Kindle edition by Marya Hornbacher. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The problem here may be that Hornbacher doesn’t remember much of her own life, which would make writing a memoir difficult. Hornbacher, who detailed her struggle with bulimia and anorexia in Wasted, now shares the story of her lifelong battle with mental illness.

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Madness by Marya Hornbacher

As with her eating disorders, Hornbacher ignored the diagnosis for as long as possible, descending into an ugly hole of self-destruction. But, what this book does do is open a window into an often misunderstood disease mavness ignite a dialogue that will hopefully lead to answers and more efficient diagnoses.

The problem here may be that Hornbacher doesn’t remember much of her own life, which would make writing a memoir difficult. I found them to be too repetitive for my liking. She has written a stunning memoir of anguish and resilience, terror and transformation. Apr 13, Jocelynne Broderick rated it it was amazing. Hornbacher not only survived a nightmare, but she emerged with deep understanding and insight. No one – not my parents, not the therapists, and certainly not the doctors – has time to focus on the mayhem of my moods.

Then things went really downhill. Then I look up, and everyone’s staring. It’s the one I have. She describes crazy rages against her first husband, Julian, but only explains that they occur as a “flipping of a switch”.

Repeatedly I found myself thinking, “Ugh! Then the feeling passes. I walk carefully in the house, placing my feet one in front of the other, making sure the floor doesn’t creak. Lack of understanding of her condition and continual misdiagnosis had Marya self-medicating with alcohol, amphetamines, depressants and narcotics cocaine as early as 13, as well as suffering from hypersexuality hornbaccher practicing self-mutilation.


People are quick to belive that children are “resilient,” that they don’t experience trauma like adults madbess, that they don’t remember or internalize, that they simply can’t suffer from depression, bipolar, or schizophrenia.

It certainly isn’t planned. The Best World Music hornbachef You are on your knees before it, and it laughs. It wasn’t that the book wasn’t well written, but reading this story became so tedious that I I must admit, I gave up on this book feeling it just wasn’t worth my time and energy.

I go home, pour a splash of orange juice into a glass and fill the rest with madndss vodka, and stay up all night reading. In the end, however, this was a satisfying, page-turning memoir.

Madness: A Bipolar Life

How Madess fights her way up from a madness that all but destroys her, and what it is like to live in a difficult and sometimes beautiful life and marriage — where bipolar always beckons — is at the center of this brave and heart-stopping memoir.

Memory is not all that’s lost to madness. A psychiatrist tells me I have bipolar disorder.

I pinch the flesh, the needy, hungry, horrible flesh, the softness that buries the perfect clean bones. Because, as Marya tells us, this memoir is REAL, her stories are the truth of living with a mental illness, for whom many most?

Madness by Marya Hornbacher – PopMatters

madnsss I couldn’t let it go if I tried. Hornbacher is diagnosed with Bipolar I ultra-rapid cycling. What it is is, anorexia and bulimia is just one of a whole host of party tricks Hornbacher has up her sleeve. And while she implies that these things were all symptoms of being bipolar, they also point to a lack of parental involvement, which must offer some explanation into who Hornbacher is as an adult, if not the origins of her illnesses.


Absolutely beautiful storytelling – not for the faint of heart. The nights become days become nights and I am working, hornbzcher, working, starving myself to death. I’ve never been hospitalized for my illness, that’s one of my biggest fears actually. Through scenes madnes astonishing visceral and emotional power, she takes us inside her own desperate attempts to counteract violently careening mood swings by self-starvation, substance abuse, numbing sex, and self-mutilation.

Once she was in school, other children called her crazy. It makes you do strange things because you just DO. One interesting thing she does is to remove the specific content of her thoughts and msdness describe the moods themselves — she says she feels rage, for example, but often doesn’t detail the things that are setting her off, what she’s raging about.

I’ve had those days. All the years I’ve felt tossed and spat up by the forces of chaos, all that time I’ve felt as if I am spinning away from the real world, off in my own aimless hornnacher – all of it, over.