A new printing of Steven Youell’s lecture notes, originally from * The Card Trick That The Hacker Stack A new idea in memorized stack work. Powerful. is this still available from Steven Youell? For a while, the “Hacker Stack” was offered as a free download, but that offer has long since been. Originally Posted by Steven Youell I use Si Stebbins as a Called it the Hacker Stack and published around 15 years ago. So you shuffle into.

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So, to bring this back on point, the original post talked about the merits of a fancy shuffle versus an invisible pass.


Unfortunately, Darwin Ortiz’s method is out-of-print. They can be verified. I think that Dennis dtack misunderstanding the situation here, and creating a false dichotomy as a result.

I do not doubt that he has the support of “heavy hitters. Is there a chance either one of you sfeven call me? Steven Keyl Inner circle Washington, D. So if anyone wants to verify what I’ve just said, please PM me. Learn something about deck-switches an you will have no problems. None of that changes your behaviour towards other magicians youelll disagree with, your megalomaniacal attitude and fetish with gacker yourself as an authority, and ultimately, your ridiculous hypocrisy about how you expect to be treated as compared to how you treat others.

There is no apparent order just as there is no apparent order in Aronson and Tamariz memdecks, but, the Cornelius system is not a memdeck per se. I have also learned the first half of the Juan Tamariz Mnemonica. That’s why I youdll it. It’s offensive to hear somebody talk about their health problems and then see him smoking. Or better still, just buy these dvds to simply enjoy Michael’s routines.

You want to be a condescending twit to people, and then you want to play the victim when people call you a condescending twit. Therefore I get the advantages of both. OK Cancel Login to make your opinion count.


Any stack you have committed to memory is, by definition, “really” memorized. There are MANY who are much, much better. Simon Aronson did exactly that when he created his particular stack. OK– here are your complaints as I understand them and my responses.

Many people have attested stcak Youell being an entertaining performer in real life. I think you’ll enjoy it Prodigy! Do I agree with everything that Steven says?

First, I still favor books, and I think moves such as the Erdnase Diagonal Palm Shift are best served by numerous stop action illustrations. Oh, at this point? Agreed; it’s just not the downside that some claim.

Mandrakebananafish, Lady of Mystery, supportnickj.

I’m getting used to it. However anyone reading this can verify the facts above with just a little work. I’m pretty sure you feel the same way about me. If you would really like this blog to take off, I think you might want to address the main issue that jouell Steve Brooks. Since then I have practiced and studied a lot. I have tried everything I can to work things out between us and you have refused every single offer. You say earlier on that you’ve got no interest in having a discussion based on the points I made about your card technique that you champion, yet when I talk instead about your general attitude, you complain about that as well.

With those references handy, this dvd now becomes an excellent teaching medium, especially with John’s emphasis on demeanor, misdirection, and management, the real secrets that make palming work. My passion for magic is tremendous. Simon Scott If the spectator doesn’t engage in the effect, then the only thing left is the method. As of yet, youdll have not provided a single shred of evidence that would demonstrate this.

The Weekly Magic Failure: “Steven Youell is an authority in bad magic”

I probably should not make that statement, because you and Steve Youell will probably show me how I can find the necessary ten cards in the Quicker Stack and the Hacker Stack. Steven, by his very nature, is extroverted, loud, and opinionated. I highly doubt that Youell ever met Giobbi and if he did, He was probably kissing his ass and said nothing of the sort. Alas, I don’t see how I could get into the ten card poker deal from it as I do with the Haccker stack. You have consistently stated that I have alienated, thf, and angered several people.


Maybe you’re two faros away from a stadk the Bellhop” type of story routine. I regularly use some of those built in effects in my work. Volume 2 features Michael’s magic show, with all his great routines, plus a motivational speech that Michael gives in his lectures.

You just glimpse, employ the incredibly simple system and you’ve got it. I’m not planning to memorizie this stack. The entire Zensational stack is there for you to use, there is a run of six cards positions 10 to 15 which can be accessed by spelling their names from the ypuell position, and a lot more.

The mss concludes with a few essays and sleights, of mzgic I especially enjoyed the bits on “Proactive Control and Strategies” to be able to handle any slipup or any difficult spectator with aplomb. Their only reason for deleting your post was because it referenced mine.

New Steven Youell link!! – The Magician’s Forum

I won’t yell back, I won’t speak angry and I will try my best to understand your side. Add this to the way he’s successfully manipulated dialog, and we have one of the more dishonest, disingenuous people in the magic business today.

It seems as tbe you are trying to portray it as a personal issue between you and one other individual, which is really not a good idea. Moreover it is disrespectful toward my mentors.