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Every time you visualize something there is a reaction in your body, whether you are aware of it or not. Take the top card from the cut and turn it face up on the piece of white paper you have put out for a background. Reassess your aims and situation. Turn on the hot water tap and see if you can get steam rising?

When you create the psychic middle card, get the Red Triangle to fit inside the Yellow Square. Reconsideration would be wise! Western students can also draw on the egregore, the amassed experience of over a hundred years work with the Tattwas by the Golden Dawns practitioners. Then meditate as per instructions in the twenty-five charts at the end of this chapter. Is the door paneled? We now need to do three closed-eye exercises which will encourage you to feel comfortable with being out of the body, or at least to imagine yourself extended in a real way.

Future and current tensions can be relieved by speaking directly, honestly, and openly, provided you take full responsibility for if own self-engendered emotions and can handle accepting the feelings of those around you.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit) – PDF Free Download

Now comes the interesting point, at which we slip from illusion to hallucination. This is the second Element symbolized by a silver crescent and related to Swadhisthana chakra psychic center below the navel. Imagine the Element Shape as a three-dimensional creation inside the correct body cavity. Starting at the top, turn each card face up and see how fast you can recognize it and identify its title: Let your problem become an alchemical great work in which your Fire or optimism is heating the incubator, the Alembic glass egg Etherexactly in the right way.


It demonstrates that every substance in the world is made up of these five elemental energies. The exercises in this chapter control the inner world.

Implement any advice suggested into your daily routine. To manage this they amalgamated the Phlegmatic Water and Melancholic Earth into one group called Kapha. The Deep Unconscious, the Id. This third image should be so clear that you can read the subtitle, Prithivi-Yellow: Esoteric geometry is the “measurement of man,” the human sprung from Earth Adam-man of Earththe humus soil whose destiny it is to become “humane.

Extend yourself into the kitchen. You may want to record the reading onto a short audio-tape and play it at odd moments during the coming week, e. Commence gazing at Earth-Seed of Water which will be a yellow square with the silver crescent moon inside.

You have to train yourself to keep coming back to the mechanics of the exercise, despite stray thoughts intruding.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit) e-book – Mon premier blog

As you do so, the colors will start to ‘flash’ around the edges and the image will almost float off the card. Ether Every substance in self-devflopment world is made up of five elements and requires the five elements for its growth, e. Air is a Jacob’s two way ladder, from above to below and below to above.

One of his symbols is the pentagram five-pointed star and the concept of “fiveness” is intrinsically enmeshed with the Panch Bhutas five senses and Panch-Tattwas Elements which, when broken into their subsets, become twenty-five or five squared. In the human body this region exists on the pelvic floor, between the genitals and the anus.

Levitate yourself through the house to the entrance of the main bathroom. Reexamine the Elemental Man chart on page 1 69 again. What color is it? She dragged me, albeit belatedly, into the twenty-first century, with a crash course in computers. To move is always to make a completion by sacrificing the past for a potentially more rewarding future. We take advantage of the minor chakras in the center of the palms to radiate heat and psychic energy into the eyes.


The womb has become crowded as full term approaches.

Right now be content with being able to rapidly build this assemblage. Air-Seed of Water, is a glyph that often betokens a peculiar relationship or affair.

See if you can get the third sickle to float so far off the page you can poke it with your forefinger. Ether Akasha is both the container and the womb of all creation. A phoneme is the smallest unit of speech that distinguishes one utterance from another; i. It holds the atoms of form or shape Rupa and therefore can systemm seen, felt and heard; you can “see” the fire, “feel” the heat of fattwa flames, and “hear” the crackling of the combustion.

Note that when the card for seeing the after-image is a few feet mwgical from you the after-image enlarges. I will define reality as “a workable construct within a given context. Some circumstantial evidence is veT ‘ strong, as when you find a trout in the milk. Gestation The Egg is well fertilized and has survived a prior testing phase. In discussing the colors and geometrical figures used by the Hindus to designate the Tattwas a good place to start might be with the Western tradition and current practice.

Alter the distance between your hand and your eyes until you have the sharpest image possible. When you have a problem clearly defined and you are looking for a solution, conjure up your yellow cube; float it in front of you and ask: Success is not using your reason and getting it right; success is when you have created such a successful visual hallucination that you fool yourself.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit)

What happened to Fire? This is understandable, if all you want is your fortune told, rather than the keys to make your fortune. Fertilizing; germination; irrigation; project acceleration, associates and networking; relationships; organizing the “farm hands” for cooperative work.