Web Url: Documents Similar To Mantra Pushpam Telugu Large. Sri Rudram Chamakam. Mantra Pushpam is a very important ‘Sooktam’ (almost a must-to-be recited It is only when its meaning and import are fully and properly understood and.

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Mind oscillates from joy to sorrow as it wades through various experiences. NamasteAll these years I had listened this without knowing the real inner meaning, thanks for sharing thisif you have any other write up of any other mantras ,please do share.

Also with the desire to see that, instead of confining it to me alone, I should share this with as many aspirants as feasible, and enable them to assimilate it. Knowledge alone destroys the delusion, like light destroying the darkness; like the ghost vanishing when reasoned properly.

Mantra pushpam – Wikipedia

OM is real and all else is unreal. Nature is a product of God and Hence Lord is indestructable. Mantra puspam is a Vedic extract. It tells in short that water here water is ether is the basis of this universe. It meaming acclaimed as more minutest than prana Vayu oxygen which we breathe in. You are commenting using your Twitter account. These experiences alone make him an individual who lives a life.

Mantra pushpam is a Vedic amntra which is used at the time of offering of the flowers to the deities at the very end of the Pujas. The principle of procreation called Adithi is the mother principle of Cosmos. Among them parihavam also known as Mareeci is said to safeguard Atma and Paramatma.

Thus in this way, to correct some faults in pronunciation, and more important than that, to bring out puspham inner deeper meaning that is latent in the Sookta, and, how it reveals the Paramaartha Supreme meaning that is the ideal of our life, all this to elaborate to the extent I can to the readers – I have endeavored meanihg this commentary.


Electricity vidyut is Savita, lightening is Savitri two yonis.

Jeeva is meanning continuity of Vaasanaa-unfoldment processes. Thanks once again pl. Notify me of new posts via email. He who knows the support of Moon becomes endowed with the support. He sets the rules for his creation. Vaasanaa-fulfillment experience alone forms the basis of the limited existence of a Jeeva the year.

Without this essence of consciousness, nothing can be experienced by anybody. I’d be curious to hear of peoples experiences of prana and apana outside of traditional forms.

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One who knows that Brahman Pure Consciousness is the support of all experiences gets established in the Brahman-state. He who knows that relugu support of each Vaasana is the eternal Brahman will give up his association with the Vaasana connection and gets established in the state of realization. This article has multiple issues. However, it is of no use if it were to be of mere sounds that reach the ear, or if merely uttered, or even frequently recited.

The breath and consciousness of the individual is to merge into the Universal consciousness which is nothing but eternal happiness. Mantra puspam is impregnated with the sum total of Gayatri Hrdayam and Gayatri upanishat. In thus rendering them, innumerable faults in pronunciation are strikingly felt by even such of those like me, who have some knowledge of Sanskrit.

He who knows the support of Fire becomes endowed with the support. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. But, I have been observing throughout the last three or four decades that, from the precincts of Temples to the domain of our domestic rituals, and auspicious functions like marriage etc. Water is the support of Moon. Fire goes on consuming more and more experiences and suffers because of delusion.


At each Vaasanaa-fulfillment each drop of rainthere arises a three-fold phenomenon of the perceiver, perceiving and perceived. Water is the source of heat which is responsible for creation.

Advaita Vedanta

While reciting this, I am particular about the pronouncition and notation. Cloud is Sun Savita Rain is Savitri look as different. Gayatri upanishat states that Aditya sun God meankng masculine and its female form is Savitri femine gender. Life prana is Savita sunfood is Savitri two yonis but prana — food, food and prana are one and the same.

Life is a continuous stream of experiences. These mystic sounds of the mantra when properly meditated unlock the Seven Cosmic Centres Nodes and establish direct link with Narayana. A human being is thus just a collection of experiences. Each individual has different experiences that belong to him alone. Because the experiences are there, Brahman is termed here as the witness consciousness. A person who knows the flower of the waters becomes endowed with the vision of seeing everything without particularities; he understands that he as the Self Brahman alone is shining as the world bereft of differentiations.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Samvatsara is the time-frame inside which, a Jeeva identified with the physical body goes through the six-fold changes of birth, youth, growth, old age, decay, and death, like a year has the six seasons as its counterparts.

This one — the fire! Water is the support of Stars. All qualities and Nature belongs to God.