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Remove the access cover. Memorisation Go to the “Driving assistance” Visual search Instruments and controls cont.

2008 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (266 pages)

Access By the doors: Driving Reverse Stopping the vehicle Operating fault To engage reverse gear R, the vehicle must be Before switching off the engine, you can: Driving Special cases Parking the vehicle with the In some situations, you may need to operate brake released the parking brake manually. Select Media to display the primary page. Turn the ring A to place the desired symbol against the mark.

Safety Direction indicators Hazard warning lamps Horn Left: Access Tailgate release The motorised tailgate can be opened and System allowing the mechanical unlocking of Precautions in use closed manually, even if motorisation is the boot in the event of a battery or central In the event of an accumulation of snow activated. If there are passengers seated in the third row: Practical information Changing a wheel Procedure for changing a faulty wheel for the spare wheel using the tools provided with the vehicle.


Safety Under-inflation alert Reinitialisation This is given by fixed illumination of A label reminds you of the need to reinitialise In the event of a puncture, use the this warning lamp, accompanied by the system every time one or more tyre temporary puncture repair kit or the spare an audible signal and, depending on pressure is adjusted, and after changing one or Driving Collision risk alert System providing a warning to the driver that their vehicle is at risk of collision with the vehicle in front.

Comfort Operation It is possible at any time to modify the source for the video display using button 6 or 7 on the control panel: Alphabetical index vision Page Driving comes on in the door mirror on the side in question as soon as a vehicle – car, lorry, bicycle – is detected and the following conditions are fulfilled: Depending on version, the sides can be folded The backrest reclines and the seat base pivots high, position for use, to obtain a more comfortable position.


Media Random current album: Oil capacities in litres Engine with filter replacement Page 12 Familiarisation Interior Bonnet release lever. It also deactivates the manual central Press cotroen button.

2007.5 Citroën C4 Picasso – Owner’s Manual (256 pages)

Glove Box Comfort Sliding sun visor Glove box Sliding blinds Sun visor rails Picaso blinds are provided for your protection The blinds are extended on the sun visor rails. The system continuously monitors the The under-inflation detection system The inflation pressures defined for pressures on the four tyres, once the vehicle is does not replace the vigilance or the your vehicle can be found on the tyre moving. Safety Operating fault Reinitialisation of the system is done with the Before reinitialising the system, ensure ignition on and the vehicle stationary.

Page Driving General points The active cruise control is switched on The active cruise control can above be paused The active cruise control cannot in any manually: It is activated when the lighting control is in the “AUTO” position and the level of light detected by the sunshine sensor is low.

Check that there is no object that could the rear seats, allows you to carry long objects When the backrest angle is correct, release the interfere with the movement of the seat, inside the vehicle. Page Driving Operating fault In the event of a fault, you are The operation of the radar, located in alerted by the display of the Service the front bumper, may be disturbed by warning lamp, accompanied by a accumulations of grime dust, mud When you want to leave a parallel parking At the end of the manoeuvre, the indicator lamp Engage reverse or forward gear and space, start the engine.

The expiry date of the fluid is indicated Support the compressor vertically. Press on Telephone to display the primary page then go to the secondary page.

Comfort Front Demist – Defrost Ventilation with ignition on Press this button to demist or defrost the windscreen and side function windows as quickly as possible. To deactivate the system, press In the event of a fault, the warning In particular, driving on a wet surface lamp flashes then goes off.


The pressure in one or more wheels Check the pressure of the tyres as soon as possible. Park Assist Driving Park Assist This system provides active assistance with The Park Assist system provides assistance for During a manoeuvre the steering wheel parking, detecting a parking space then the following manoeuvres: Page 88 Comfort Front seats Electric adjustments Forwards-backwards driver’s Seat backrest angle Seat cushion height and angle seat Tilt the control cigroen or rearwards to Operate the rear part of the control Push the control forwards or rearwards to picaeso the angle of the seat backrest.

Practical information Snow chains In wintry conditions, snow chains improve traction as well as the behaviour of the vehicle when braking. Side window demisting vents.

Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) – PDF ( Pages)

In this case the steering column locks as soon as the vehicle stops. Unclip the stay from its housing and place it in the support slot to hold the bonnet open.

Main lighting Additional lighting Programming The various front and rear lamps of the vehicle Other lamps are provided to meet the The setting of some functions can be adjusted: It is fitted with an conditioning controls, to settings for vehicle electric blind. Page Driving The various alert situations are described in the table below. Modifying one without the other is not possible. Start the vehicle again and leave the deflate: Checks Running out of fuel Diesel 1.

Check the telephone manual and with your network provider for details of the services available to you. Start and Drive good. Wheel chocks for immobilising the vehicle except versions with manual gearbox. Page 65 Access Locating your vehicle Deadlocking This function allows you to identify your vehicle from a distance, particularly in poor light.

Page 68 Access By the doors: Driving The various alert situations are described in the table below. Selection of the mirror to adjust.