Manual de stiinta politica internationala»»». Klingerman, Hans-Dieter Goodin, Robert E. Kantor, Irina Ana Stanus, Ileana Cristina Careja, Romana Nemes. Robert E. GOODIN, Hans-Dieter KLINGEMANN (coord.), Manual de ştiinţă politică, trad. de Irina Ana Kantor et al., Polirom, Iaşi, Pierre MANENT, O. Conclusions for the course on Romanian politica system. Robert E. Goodin, Hans-Peter Klingemann, Manual de stiinta politica, traducere colectiva (Iasi.

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Institutional analysis of Parliament, Cabinet, Presidency, judicial power, central and local administration, governmental agencies and departments, ministries, political parties.

Each student will prepare by the end of the semester a research on a particular political organization, event, or aspect of the Romanian political system. Editura Allfa. Editura Alternative. Starting from their comments and answers, the examination continues by a wider dialogue. Opere alesetraducere de Laura si Nicolae Lotreanu loc neprecizat: Peasant Protest, Rebellion, and Resistance. The major aim of the class is to define political science and its conceptual framework, by outlining its interpretative ability.

Citizenship; nations and nationalism Readings: Scarrow, Comparative Political Analysis. Post-modernism and the analysis of power. April 20 — 24.


Materials used in the educational process: There is no exam in the end. Political Science in History.


Political science in the XXth politcia and competing visions of the history of the discipline. Globalization, Politics and Power. May 18 — 22, Complementary or competitive, these orientations have evolved in the intellectual, discursive and scientific study of the political phenomenon, during the time period that this course focuses on.

The elections and the third turnover. The Domain of the Political and Overlapping Consensus. Political philosophy in USA: Leadership in Democratic Organizations. Editura enciclopedica, there is also an English version of this politicw on the market.

New York, Toronto London. O istorie a Securitatii in documente,studiu introductiv de Dennis Deletant Iasi: Habermas and the Public Sphere. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Cambridge University Press.

Faculty of Political Science, administration and Communication

Editura Masina de Scris. The role and relevance of political philosophy. The history of the discipline. If students fail to write research drafts in accordance with the standards required, they will be submitted to a second test instead the final research paper. Money, Method and the Market Process.

Political Theory and the Environment. The nature of Romanian Constitution. The Laborer in the Culture of Capitalism.


Politics and the Architecture of Choice. Clarendon Press Oxford Absence at the test and the failure to deliver the papers at the deadlines announced before means no credits. Annotated Bibliography and Outline: Presentation of the requests of the course and seminar.

Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century London and: The focus on both the historical and comparative approach is meant to help the students acquire the necessary tools when tackling the other disciplines of the curriculum, and to relate the knowledge acquired to the other courses of the curriculum.

Editura Enciclopedica, si Septembrie – octombrie Bucuresti: Students with more than 6 absences during the semester will manuap receive in the end credits, and they have to repeat the course in the next year. Bounded Rationality and Governance. Party systems and voting systems Readings: May 4 — 8.

Neomarxism — Hegemony and power in Antonio Gramsci.